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pciPCI Express vs AGP

Gone are the days when computers were used only for word processing. Thanks to major advancements in technology during the past decades, the computer has now been transformed into a device that can be used to quicken business activities, handle the creation of documents and presentations, communication, and even gaming. In fact, one of the primary components considered when choosing to upgrade a computer, is its ability for a speedy connection, and its handling of videos and images. For many people though, choosing the right components can be tricky, since many of the explanations involve a lot of different technological terms. This article will help you understand the differences between the PCI Express and the AGP, without too much of the technical stuff.

PCI Express stands for Peripheral Component Interconnect. It is a type of bus that is used in most personal computers that are connected in a network with other personal computers. This allows a person, from one computer, to share videos, documents and storage with another computer. The PCI Express is a modification of the standard PCI bus. Instead of being created using parallel technology, causing it to send all information in one direction only, the PCI Express was created using serial technology. Due to the serial technology, it now allows information and other forms of data to be transferred from one computer to another in two directions, without congesting occurring within the bus. This modification has allowed the PCI Express to perform much faster than its predecessor.

On the other hand, AGP stands for Accelerated Graphics Port. As the term implies, this computer component was designed primarily to meet the increasing needs of 3-D video cards, which are extremely crucial, particularly to people who are into online gaming, as many of the computer games that are now being released comprise of 3-D graphics and images. This is one of the major differences between the AGP and the PCI Express. While the AGP can handle the transfer of videos and 3-D images, the PCI Express can actually provide this, and the ability to transfer other forms of data.

Another major difference between the AGP and the PCI Express, is their physical appearance. PCI Express Video Cards are made with certain components that are not directly joined to the slot. These isolated components are not found with the AGP Video card. Another difference in their appearance is the amount of space in between the card’s bracket and the connector. The AGP Video card has more distance between the card’s bracket and the connector, when compared to the PCI Express, where there is very little space between the bracket and the connector.


1. Both the AGP and the PCI Express are created in order to provide high-speed transfer, and to handle videos.

2. The AGP is primarily designed for graphics and videos. The PCI Express can also be utilized to help with the speedy transfer of other types of data and information used in a personal computer.

3. The PCI Express Card is made out of isolated components that are not directly joined into the slot, and has a smaller distance between the card bracket and the connector, when compared to the AGP card.

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