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Difference Between RG6 and RG6/U

RG6 vs RG6/U

RG6 was once a military specification for coaxial cables that are used to carry radio waves for communication. The RG stands for ‘radio guide’ and the 6 specifies the electrical characteristics of the cable. The RG mil spec is already defunct and it has been widely accepted by the general public as cabling specifications for transmitting data from one point to another. Good examples of RG6 cable use is in the wiring of cable TV systems.

When it comes to RG6 and RG6/U there is really no clear or distinct difference between the two that anyone can actually pin as solid fact. There is actually no difference with regards to the electrical characteristics of these cables making one suitable as a replacement for the other in most circumstances. There are two major thoughts regarding what the U stands for and how they differ from the standard RG6 cables.

The primary thought on what the U stands for is ‘Underground’ or ‘UV resistance’ making it ideal for use in external locations where it can be exposed to the weather and other corroding factors. Different manufacturers have full control over how they construct their cables as long as they still retain the electrical characteristics in the RG6 specification. These cables can have extra shielding that make them last longer or work better than other RG6 cables while being used outside the protection of a solid structure.

The secondary thought with regards to the U is that it simply means ‘Universal’. As a universal cable, it simply means that it can be used for whatever purpose that fits the RG6 cable. It would also mean that it is actually no different than a standard RG6 cable.

Regardless of what the U designation is about, the identical electrical characteristics mean that you can use both cables interchangeably as long as you have the right connectors to terminate the cables with and interface with your equipment. But when laying out cabling outside, it is better to be safe than sorry. It is best that you use an RG6/U cable instead of an RG6 cable. It is also best to consult the manufacturer of the cable you intend to purchase just to make sure that it has the correct characteristics for your needs.


1. There is no clear or official differentiation between RG6 and RG6/U

2. RG6 is the designation while U stands for underground or UV resistance

3. RG6 is the designation while U stands for universal

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  1. We have RG6U cable and RG6 connectors. The RG6U cable is too thick to fit the RG6 connector. No matter how hard we try to make it fit it doesn’t.

    • RG6 and RG6U are the same cable. The only difference is that the “U” designates “Universal” or “Underground“ which means that the cable can be used both indoors and outdoors.

    • I am having the same problem. The ID of the RG6 connector is the same size as the OD of the RG6U cable. That connector will never go on it. I read where RG6U cable has a thicker wire mesh insulator that RG6. That would explain it. Neither Home Depot nor Lowes Home Improvement have any connectors designated for RG6U. Since Radio Shack is gone, my last hope may be Best Buy, since they do a lot with setting up TVs and such.

  2. The biggest difference is RG6U has a larger diameter than the standard RG6.

  3. I was wander what the U stood for? A Shaw Direct tech used it and removed the black cable and put white instead. Today after 1 year later, Shaw tech. replaced a multi splitter and said it was fixed? Signal on 2nd tuner come and gone from day to day, same issue 1 year later. Was told Shaw let go staff due to covid? Well, I went out and purchased a Klein RG6 cable kit with a tester. Cut the one end off, and crimped a new one on and done! I year to fix a simple connector? But… the connector was solid with rust corrosion inside? This is inside my house and electrical panel is inside the laundry room? Rust/ Yes rust and on top of that the centre copper wire was also corroded like iron?? So is this a cheap Chinese RG6 U cable? Copper centre with iron? Ultraviolet? soft compared to others. Certainly not waterproof inside a basement?? Any thoughts? Have to replace 2 60 ft lengths myself.

  4. Oh man Radio Shack went out of business, I didn’t know, I’ve been waiting to come out of my house.
    I guess everytime we get a democrat in the WH the country suffers, and now we more business go under and we have to depend more on China.

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