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RCA vs Coaxial

When it comes to connecting devices like TVs, players, and sound systems, RCA cables are pretty common. It is sometimes easy to confuse RCA with coaxial cables. RCA stands for Radio Corporation of America, the name of the company that developed the standard, which is a paired connector that is typically used to connect audio and video equipment. On the other hand, coaxial cable is just one type of cable that has a basic structure. Coaxial simply means “same axis” and this is how the cable is arranged. It basically consists of an inner conductor, surrounded by an insulator, which is then wrapped in a secondary conductor, then a final insulator. A cross section would reveal a set of concentric circles with alternating conductor and insulator.

RCA cabling uses the coaxial cable. In fact, RCA was designed to use coaxial cables as clearly indicated by the actual RCA connectors. A center conductor connects to the conductor at the core of the coaxial cable while the circular metal ring also contacts the secondary conductor on the outside perimeter. The secondary conductor on the perimeter is often used as the ground or as shielding for the signal passing through the center conductor.

Aside from RCA cables, coaxial has already seen a wide array of uses especially in RF (Radio Frequency) applications since it provides excellent shielding against external noise. A good example of this would be older analog cable TV systems and ham or CB radios. It also saw widespread use in computer and telephone networks but has been superseded a long time ago.

In reality, RCA and coaxial cables are already on the rapid decline in homes. They are now being replaced by newer and more advanced connections that provide faster, cleaner, and simpler connections. Interfaces like HDMI, DVI, and fiber optics have rendered RCA cables obsolete. Coaxial cables, on the other hand, may still see continued usage but not for the interconnection of household appliances. Coaxial still provides a multitude of advantages in cost, range, and shielding for RF installations to continue using it.


1.RCA is the connector standard while coaxial is the type of cable
2.RCA uses coaxial cables
3.Coaxial cables have other uses aside from RCA
4.RCA is already obsolete while coaxial is still commonly used

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