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Difference Between SDHC Cards and SD Cards

SDHC cards vs SD cards
Today’s media devices often do not come with enough built in memory to store all our information. For that reason it has become necessary to supplement this internal memory with SD and SDHC cards. These cards are commonly used in digital cameras, video recorders, net books, and MP3 players. You can store documents, music, images, and other forms of digital media on SD and SDHC cards.

Both storage cards have a similar physical appearance, however there are differences in their internal make-up. Storage capacity for both cards is measured in either mega or gigabytes, which are units of information. A gigabyte of memory is 100 times bigger than a megabyte. The price for SD and SDHC cards is determined by the amount of information that can be stored on the device; generally the lower the storage capacity, the less expensive.
SD stand for Secure Digital, and that is precisely what the SD card offers – a secure way to store your digital information. SD cards come in various memory sizes, depending on what you plan to use them for. Typical storage capacity for an SD card can vary from 512 MB to 4 GB, with a transfer rate of 2 MB per second between your card and a device. SD cards are used to hold lower quality pictures, basic word documents, and music. One advantage of an SD card over a SDHC one is that it is generally cheaper.
SDHC stands for Secure Digital High Capacity. SDHC cards differ from the original SD cards by offering more space to store information and quicker file downloads from the card. Storage capacity for the SDHC card is measured in gigabytes and it can be anywhere between 4 and 32 GB of memory. SDHC cards store data differently than an SD card so they write files at about 2 to 4 MB per second. SDHC cards are high capacity and are used to hold high quality photos and videos, preserving the original quality of these files.
These differences should be taken into account when making your decision about which external media you might want to use to store your information.

1. SD stand for Secure Digital while SDHC is an acronym for Secure Digital High Capacity. Both types of cards are used in the storage of digital information.
2. SD cards do not hold as much information as an SDHC card, and therefore are more economical to purchase.
3. SD cards are commonly used in regular digital cameras or for files that just need to be saved. SDHC cards are higher quality and great for preserving digital high definition photography.

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