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Skullcandy vs Headphones

A Skullcandy is one of the most popular accessories that many celebrities now have at their side. So what is a Skullcandy and what is the difference between a Skullcandy and a headphone? Well, Skullcandy is actually a brand for audio related equipment while a headphone is one type of such product. A headphone is basically a set of speakers that can be worn as a headband and provides the best sound quality among different portable speakers partly due to its size and to its noise isolating capabilities.

Headphones are just one of the many audio and non-audio products. Aside from headphones, Skullcandy also have in ear, on ear, and over ear buds for sale. These different types cater to different tastes. Some are more portable than others while some provide better sound quality than others. They also have docks and cases for Apple’s very popular iPhones and iPods. Lastly, accessories that don’t have anything to do with music but carry the Skullcandy branding include shirts, hats, belts, wallets, and many more.

Many, including celebrities, love the Skullcandy headphones because of their colorful designs that attract attention. It isn’t really the best when it comes to sound quality as there are many other brands that provide products with far superior sound. Some headphones from well-known companies like Sennheiser provide superior performance at a fraction of the cost. For common people, it is more about the people who are endorsing or are using the products. Celebrities like Lebron James, Jay-Z, and Dr. Dre are just a few of the names associated with the product. When big names are attached to a product, especially musicians to audio products, it gives the product a lot more credibility in the market.

Surely, Skullcandy headphones are quality products. But it seems like these are not bought to be truly listened to but worn as an accessory or a fashion statement. Skullcandy headphones are best for trendsetters who want to be seen in the latest fad. For true audiophiles, there are a lot better options out in the market. It also doesn’t hurt that the options cost less than Skullcandy headphones.


1.Skullcandy is a brand while headphone is a type of product
2.Skullcandy also produces headphones as well as other products
3.Skullcandy’s main draw over other headphones is popularity

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