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Difference Between Skullcandy FMJ and FMJ 09

Skullcandy FMJ vs FMJ 09

Skullcandy FMJ and Skullcandy FMJ 09 refer to earphones. “FMJ” stands for “Full Metal Jacket.” Skullcandy FMJ 09 refers to a particular model of FMJ ear buds. Skullcandy separates the earphones into two categories; buds and in-ears. Buds are the earphones which sit and get adjusted inside the ear. They do not completely isolate the listener from ambient noises whereas the in-ears earphones completely isolate the one using it from any outside noises.

Skullcandy FMJ

Skullcandy FMJ refers to all the earphones under the category Full Metal Jacket. They could be FMJ 09 or FMJ 10 and of various diameters, various models, in-ears earphones, or simple earbuds. They are available in different colors and different finishes like gold, chrome, etc., whereas FMJ 09 refers specifically to a particular model of skullcandy Full Metal Jacket earbud.

Skullcandy FMJ 09 is very popular with people who enjoy heavy base and noise cancellation while listening to music. It is called “Full Metal Jacket” because it is completely made of metal, even the cables are braided. The splitter is also metal, and the microphone in the cable is also metal. The voice quality is very good. It has very good frequency separation, and the mids and highs are considered crystal clear. The bass is considered to be heavy. They are popular with young people as they have the skull designed on it which makes them look cool.

Skullcandy Full Metal Jacket 09

The Skullcandy Full Metal Jacket 09  has a speaker diameter of 11mm, the magnet style used for the earbuds is NdFeB. The frequency range is from 16 kHz to 20 kHz. The impedance is 16 ohms. The maximum input power is 500mw. The cable type is braided aluminum, and the length of the cable is 1.2m. Due to the braiding, the cable does not easily tangle, and it is not soft enough to be completely scrunched. The plug type is 3.5mm gold plated. It comes with accessories like Comply Foam tips, a satin carry pouch, and three different sizes of silicon ear gels. They have a microphone in the cable whose quality is also considered very good, and it has volume controls. The noise canceling feature is what makes them popular. They are heavy as compared to other brands of earbuds or earphones due to the full metal body. Some people do complain about the cable making thumping sounds when it rubs against the body while moving.


  1. Skullcandy Full Metal Jacket and Skullcandy Full Metal Jacket 09 refer to a category of  Skullcandy earphones with a full metal body and a particular model of full metal body earbuds respectively.
  2. Skullcandy FMJ could be any of the models like FMJ 09 or FMJ 10 whereas FMJ 09 is the model which has an 11mm diameter speaker. The magnet style used for the earbuds is NdFeB; frequency range is from 16 kHz to 20 kHz. The impedance is 16 ohms. The maximum input power is 500mw. The cable is 1.2m, and the plug type is 3.5mm gold plated.

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  1. So the 2009 version FMJ’s had the silver tube shaped clicker where as to 2010-2011 ones had the squarish metal housing with mic and white button with a tiny skullcandy logo on it. That means I have the 2010-2011 versions then because they stopped making fmjs around right after so I guess I have the version 2 FMJs which is cool with the braded aluminum cable and metal headphone jack and mine have white rubber edges also still very good headphones I love them.

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