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Difference Between Tide and Persil

Ever wonder what are the things that influence consumer behavior when it comes to buying a product? Is it the brand reputation or the quality of the product or whatever it is, there are certain things that make consumers stick to the established markets rather than the new markets? The thing is established markets cover the majority of our purchases – be it the soap you use, your toothpaste brand or your detergent powder. Today, we’ll be talking about one common household product that is popular among all sections of the society and the one which is behind the clean T-shirts you wear everyday or the fresh, tidy sheets you sleep on. Yes, we are talking about your laundry detergent. And when it comes to laundry detergent, there are a few brands who really outrun the competition. So, we rounded up the two top-selling laundry detergents – Tide and Persil – and put them into a head-on to see which one is better.

All about Tide:  the laundry detergent

Procter & Gamble’s Tide is probably one of the most trusted and the best-selling laundry detergent in the United States. Tide is the best-selling detergent brand in the world that sits on around 14.3 percent of the global detergent market. Tide has been fulfilling its legacy of “superior whiteness” for a little over seven decades and despite the growing competition, the distinctive trademark of Tide remains the people’s choice of detergent. It managed to do so by sitting so conveniently as the mid-tier segment, offering good quality products at reasonable prices. In 2016, the Tide HE Turbo Clean was the top-selling liquid detergent in Amazon.

All about Persil:  the laundry detergent

Although, Persil has only been around in the United States since mid-2015, the German laundry detergent giant has managed to regain leadership from Procter & Gamble’s top selling brand Ariel. Persil is manufactured and marketed by Henkel around the world. It is among the top-selling detergent brands in Europe and has long been the leader in the laundry detergent market in the United States. In terms of cleaning performance and quality, Persil is often compared to Tide and Ariel. Through new product upgrades and aggressive promotions, Persil has established quite a name for itself and improved its coverage significantly. Persil was also the first commercial laundry detergent brand in the UK. The brand is still growing because of its competitive pricing and promotional efforts.

Difference between Tide and Persil

Brand Value of Tide and Persil 

– Tide and Persil are the most trusted and popular detergent brands in the United States with significant consumer base. Tide is basically the common household name which has been around for as over as seven decades. Tide conveniently sits in the mid-tier segment between the high-valued brands and low-tier segment. Probably, the only problem with Tide is poor distribution which represented an edge for Persil. Henkel’s Persil is among the top-selling detergent brands in Europe but it’s new to the scene in the United States where it first appeared in 2015. So, Tide probably has the upper hand in terms of brand value as it already is the best-selling laundry detergent in the U.S.

Pricing for both Tide and Persil

 – Both Tide and Persil are well positioned as premium detergent brands which stand toe-to-toe in the pricing category. However, Tide sits between the high and low tier markets offering quality products at reasonable prices. You should go for the larger size packets if you are concerned about pricing. Opt for the Tide’s 150 oz pack which gives you 110 loads or you can go for the 170 oz Persil detergent. Tide is ubiquitous and its scent is ingrained in the American household. Well, for most of the Americans, Tide is still the best value for money brands out there. And for Persil, its discounted pricing strategy has proved to be a great tool that puts Persil at parity with Tide in terms of pricing.


– Tide positioned itself as a good cleaning brand over the years but lacked somewhere on the distribution side. As it seems, poor marketing and distribution has always been the major problem for Tide despite its wide selection of quality products. Well, it needs to put some thought into advertising and marketing to build a wide consumer base. Despite its slow distribution efforts, the brand seems to be growing just fine, thanks to its pricing strategy and promotional efforts. Persil, on the other hand, has managed to improve its coverage significantly to reach as much households as possible, but its take on distribution is still its weakness. Despite that, Persil still dominates the European market.

Product Line of Tide and Persil

 – Tide is indeed the biggest household name in the United States with a diverse product line comprising of top quality products, ranging from liquid detergents to powders, stain remover, laundry booster, machine care and pacs. Tide’s top collections include Plus Ultra OXI, Sport Odor Defense Collection, Plant-based collection, Plus Febreze Freshness collection, and so on. Tide has something for all your laundry needs. Persil has relatively lesser products compared to Tide, but their focus seems to be on quality products that every household will need. Persil’s product line comprises of powders, liquids, tablets, capsules, non-bio and color protect.

Tide vs. Persil: detergent: Comparison Chart

Summary of the two Tide vs. Persil detergents 

Both are really good brands with a significant consumer base and diverse product offerings. Both are close enough to competitive pricing strategy so that pricing should not be the sole selling point for determining which one is better. Tide has an edge over Persil when it comes to product offerings, because they have a wide selection of detergents both powder and liquid to choose from which are designed for every household requirement. With Persil, you have fewer options but because of its promotional efforts and pricing strategy, the brand is growing at a significant pace. The gap between the two brands seems to be shrinking. So, at the end of the day, it all comes down to personal preference.

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