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Difference Between High-Efficiency Detergent and Regular Detergent

High-Efficiency Detergent vs Regular Detergent

High-efficiency detergent and regular detergent are two types of detergent sold in many supermarkets and other selling outlets. Both types are carried by major detergent brands. The differences in these two different detergent types are in their functions as well as how and where they are used.

High-efficiency detergents (also known as HE detergents due to the embossed label on the product) are specially designed detergents for a particular kind of washing machine, the high-efficiency washing machine.

The detergent complements the capabilities of the machine by creating few or no suds, working with less water, and having more concentration compared to a regular version of detergent. While in use, it is recommended not to use too much high-efficiency detergent even if the detergent doesn’t produce suds.

Another advantage for the high-efficiency detergent is that it is more environment friendly. In terms of cost, the high-efficiency detergent is preferred in the long run because it decreases the use of water and electricity up to 20 to 66 per cent per wash.

Regular detergent, on the other hand, is the detergent used for conventional washing machines. Regular detergents are also known as standard or normal detergent. Unlike the high-efficiency detergent, the regular detergent powder uses a high volume of water, a larger amount of the detergent itself. Regular detergent also offers less concentration of the formula compared to high-efficiency detergent. When in contact with water, this type of detergent produces a high volume of suds.

As products, both high-efficiency detergent and regular detergent can be similar with small discrepancies in pricing. Many washing machine manufacturers encourage their customers’ use of high-efficiency washing machines and will recommend the particular detergent that the machine specifically uses and is designed for. This is to prevent machine damage and fewer problems with the machine. Some manufacturers consider the high-efficiency washing machine’s warranty void if a regular detergent is used.

Both detergents also have different formulas in terms of keeping the dye color of the clothes and not “bleeding” them into other clothes in the wash. The two detergents also come in many options and added laundry ingredients like the addition of ordinary or color-safe bleach and fabric softener.


1.High-efficiency and regular detergents are two types of detergent used in different types of washing machines. Both types are carried by major detergent brands and are available in many outlets. Another similarity between them is that both detergents maximize the power and efficiency of the washing machine where it is used.
2.A high-efficiency detergent is used for high-efficiency washing machines. These types of washing machines are usually front or top-loading machines. Meanwhile, regular detergent is used for the conventional washing machine which is often designed as a top-loading machine.
3.High-efficiency detergents produce less or no suds, use less water, and are more concentrated as a product. These features result in smaller amounts of detergent used and less use of water and electricity. On the other hand, regular detergents oppose these points. This type of detergent requires a large amount of water, produces many suds, and is less concentrated.
4.Many people prefer the high-efficiency detergent because it cleans more laundry or tackles bigger loads compared to ordinary detergent.
5.High-efficiency detergent also saves in terms of water and electricity costs. In comparison, a regular detergent can save as a product upon purchase.
6.The high-efficiency detergent is distinguishable in the market by its “HE” logo. It is used to distinguish it from regular detergents which are often carried by the same manufacturing company. Regular detergents don’t have this logo.

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