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Difference Between Ubuntu and Kubuntu

kubuntuBeing a computer user, we are usually used to a certain system, look, or setup. Switching from one to the other usually takes time and a little bit of learning. Although most windows users does this every few years, switching from 95, 98, XP, then Vista, it seems like most are very unwilling to try linux distributions. But with the high cost of Windows and the programs associated with it and the very prolific problems with it like virus, worms, and Trojans, a lot of people are looking into linux to provide them with a cheaper and safer alternative.

Linux is an open source OS(Operating System) that is developed by the public and it is totally free. You just need to get used to it. Two common distributions are Ubuntu and Kubuntu from Canonical Ltd. Ubuntu is the main distribution and the name is an African word that means ‘humanity to others’ which is fitting for an OS that is developed not by a single entity but by a community. Kubuntu is one of Ubuntu’s subprojects along with Xubuntu and Edubuntu.

The subprojects are built with the same components as the original Ubuntu, but tweaked in certain ways to suit different groups. So to put it simply, Ubuntu and Kubuntu are basically identical to each other. And if you want to, you can modify Ubuntu to become Kubuntu or the other way around.

The only difference between is the graphical user interface that they use. Kubuntu uses the KDE (K Desktop Environment) that tries to imitate the look and feel of the windows operating system while Ubuntu uses the Gnome and doesn’t try to emulate windows in any way. For those who want to try linux and has the time or isn’t afraid to just try out a new system, then Ubuntu should be for you. It provides you with a new learning experience and when you hit a dead-end, you can always ask other people on the community. Kubuntu is perfect for people who want to try linux but is put off by the very different user interface. Kubuntu should make you feel a little bit at home and make your transition a little bit easier.

Whether you choose Ubuntu or Kubuntu, there would be a learning curve that you would need to overcome. Kubuntu just makes it a little bit easier for you. But no matter what you decide on, shifting to open source software frees you from the headaches that the windows platforms are very popular for.

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