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Difference Between Unifi and Time

Both Unifi and Time are among the leading internet service providers in Malaysia specializing in providing high-speed broadband services to customers throughout Malaysia. The increasing use of smartphones and the Internet has brought about a significant change in people’s habits and practices. This is where broadband services like Unifi and Time come into the picture. They offer various broadband services to both residential and business customers. Here’s a brief overview of each and the differences between Unifi and Time based on several factors.


Unifi is a brand name used by Telekom Malaysia (TM) for its wide range of fiber broadband services focusing on both home and business users. TM is the largest telecommunications company in Malaysia. It offers a variety of services, including fixed-line and mobile communications, internet, and digital services, advertising services, and more. TM is a leading provider of broadband and telecommunication services in Malaysia. The company has been at the forefront of telecommunication evolution in Malaysia.


Time dotCom Berhad, commonly known as Time, is a Malaysian-based internet service provider that specializes in providing high-speed broadband services to home and business users. It is known for its high-speed fiber broadband plans, offering fast and reliable internet connections. It also specializes in data center and cloud and managed services solutions. It offers various broadband plans with different speed tiers, ranging from moderate speeds to ultra-high speeds.

Difference between Unifi and Time


– Unifi’s broadband services are more widely spread across Malaysia due to its affiliation with Telekom Malaysia Berhad. It has a broader reach in terms of coverage areas. Unifi also offers a wider range of add-on services, such as VoIP and IPTV. Time offers fiber broadband services in limited regions for condominiums and apartments. However, Time is expanding its coverage area rapidly.


– Time offers three home fiber plans: 100 Mbps, 500 Mbps, and 1 Gbps. Unifi offers a variety of home broadband plans, with speeds as low as 30 Mbps and up to 2 Gbps. The 2 Gbps plan offers symmetrical upload speeds of 1 Gbps, while the 1 Gbps plan of Tim offers up to 500 Mbps upload speeds. So, Unifi would be a better choice when it comes to faster upload speeds.


– Unifi’s broadband plans start as low as RM89 per month for the 30 Mbps plan and go up to RM248 per month for 500 Mbps and RM349 per month for 2 Gbps. Unifi often offers discounts and promotions though. Time is relatively cheaper than Unifi, starting at RM99 per month for 100 Mbps and going up to RM199 per month for 1 Gbps. The Time’s 500 Mbps plan costs RM139 per month whereas Unifi’s 500 Mbps plan starts at RM209 per month. So, Unifi is generally more expensive than Time.

Business Plans

– Time offers three fiber plans for business users: 20 Mbps at RM188 a month, 50 Mbps at RM318 a month, and 100 Mbps at RM348 a month. All the plans offer dynamic IP and two voice lines. Unifi offers five business broadband plans: 30 Mbps VDSL at RM139 a month, 100 Mbps at RM139 a month, 300 Mbps at RM249 a month, 500 Mbps at RM299 a month, and 800 Mbps at RM349 a month. So, Unifi offers a variety of business broadband plans.

Unifi vs. Time: Comparison Chart


While Unifi offers broadband services, it may not be as exclusively focused on technological innovation and high-speed internet as TIME, which is often recognized for its advancements and introduction of new technologies. However, Unifi’s services are more widely spread across Malaysia and have a broader reach in terms of coverage areas. Time, however, is limited to certain regions or cities within Malaysia. Ultimately, the best broadband or fiber service for you depends on your individual needs and budget.


Which is better Time or Unifi?

Time and Unifi are both leading broadband providers in Malaysia, but they have different strengths and weaknesses. If you need better upload speeds and a wider coverage area, then Unifi is a better choice. If you’re looking for a more affordable option with symmetrical upload speeds, then Time is a better one.

Is Time Fiber worth it?

Time Fiber is a great option for those who need fast and reliable internet speeds. It specializes in providing high-speed broadband services, which makes it a good alternative.

What is the difference between Unifi and TM?

Unifi and TM are both owned by Telekom Malaysia (TM). However, Unifi is a retail brand that offers a variety of broadband and TV services, while TM is a wholesale brand that provides infrastructure to other broadband providers.

Is Unifi a fiber optic?

Yes, Unifi is a fiber optic broadband provider, meaning it uses fiber optic cables to transmit data. One of its key features is providing high-speed internet access through fiber-optic technology.

What is Unifi?

Unifi is a leading broadband provider owned by Telekom Malaysia, which offers four leading technology products – Unifi Home, Unifi Mobile, Unifi TV, and Unifi Wi-Fi.

Is Unifi a Wi-Fi network?

Yes, Unifi provides a Wi-Fi router with its plans. This allows you to connect multiple devices to the internet at the same time. It is a brand offering high-speed fiber-optic broadband services, including Wi-Fi connectivity.

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