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Difference Between Wii and Wii Motion Plus

Wii vs Wii Motion Plus

The Wii is a seventh generation gaming console from Nintendo. It is the first to successfully commercialize motion based gaming with the use of its Wii Remote. More recently, Nintendo announced the release of the Wii Motion Plus. So how does it differ from the Wii? For starters, the Wii is a gaming console while the Wii Motion Plus is just an accessory that attaches to the Wii Remote. It is not a stand-alone device or even a stand-alone controller. You still need to have the Wii console along with the Wii Remote. Because it attaches to the remote instead of the console, you need to have more than one unit of the Wii Motion Plus in order to simultaneously play with friends.

The main goal of the Wii Motion Plus is the addition of extra sensors that help the Wii Remote in gauging the movements of the player more accurately. Obviously, this move is partly influenced by other consoles featuring very accurate sensors. The Playstation has the Move while the Xbox has the Kinect. The sensor in the Wii Motion Plus can pick-up smaller movements that the Wii Remote cannot pick-up. In games that support it, like the Wii Sports Resort, you get a more realistic feel for the game with added control. For example, in the table tennis game, the Wii Motion Plus lets you add back or top spin to the ball just by moving your hand as you strike the ball. As the Wii Motion Plus is a separate accessory, it only works with games that were developed with its functionality in mind. Other Wii games do not benefit from the Wii Motion Plus; although it is not necessary to remove the attachment when playing those games.

With the success of the Wii Motion Plus, Nintendo has included the functionality its functionality into newer Wii Remotes that come Wii. If you purchased a Wii package that contains a Wii Remote Plus, then you no longer need to purchase the Wii Motion Plus attachment.


1.Wii is the console while Wii Motion Plus is a controller add-on
2.You need the Wii in order to use the Wii Motion Plus
3.The Wii Motion Plus add greater accuracy to the Wii
4.The Wii Motion plus only works with games developed for it and not other Wii games
5.Some Wii packages no longer need the purchase of a separate Wii Motion Plus

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  1. Ok I have a normal control and then I bought a second one put batteries in it and it does not work I then bought third ones d the same thing happened but I noticed the last two I bought say 2 in 1 motion on the controls are they not capable with my console ?????

  2. Thank you for the direct, easy to understand answer.

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