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Difference Between Nintendo 3DS and Nintendo DSi

Nintendo 3DS vs Nintendo DSi

From the DSi, Nintendo has made another giant leap with their next console, the 3DS, and introducing 3D into the handheld console. Unlike the DSi, and all other gaming consoles, the 3DS is able to provide the user with a 3D view with the use autostereoscopy without the use of 3D glasses. If you’ve been to a 3D movie, the experience should be pretty similar but without the glasses. Instead of having two cameras, like the DSi does, the 3DS adds another one on the outside. The two cameras on the outside allow the user to take 3D photos and view them in 3D on-screen.

The DSi has a rather simplistic set of controls, just like its predecessors. The 3DS has a few improvements with regards to controls. It seems that Nintendo has also taken hints from smartphones and added motion sensors to control the game by just moving the console around. The motion sensors can also be used to track the amount of physical activity the person carrying the 3DS does. This is then used in a reward system to encourage kids to walk around more. Aside from the motion sensors, the 3DS also has an analog controller situated just on top of the directional buttons.

Both the DSi and the 3DS have WiFi functionality but the 3DS extends connectivity with two new features; StreetPass and SpotPass. These two features when the device is in sleep mode. StreetPass tries to locate other 3DS consoles in proximity and transfers data like high scores, custom characters, and the like. On the other hand, SpotPass searches for a WiFi hotspot and downloads game data, updates, videos, and many others.

Last come compatibility. The 3Ds is capable of playing all DSi games but not the other way around. The 3DS game card is exactly the same size to that of the DSi but a small notch on the side should prevent users from mistakenly inserting it to a DSi.

The 3DS is capable of 3D display while the DSi cannot
The 3DS has three cameras while the DSi only has two
The 3DS has GPS while the DSi doesn’t
The 3DS has motion sensors while the DSi does not
The 3DS has an analog control while the DSi does not
The 3DS has the StreetPass and SpotPass features that the DSi doesn’t have
The 3DS can play DSi games but not the other way around

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