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windows_xpXP Home vs. XP Professional

Windows XP Home Edition is just as its namesake suggests: the version of Windows XP that is specific for home use. It is a basic Windows XP package that includes basic security support for its users. The platform also includes built in support for networking between peers; however, this ability is limited to a network of up to only five computers. Windows XP Home also includes a backup utility; however, it is not automatically included with the initial setup of the system.

Windows XP Professional has all the features of Windows XP Home, and more. This version of Windows XP is most widely used by professionals with larger businesses, while the Home Edition is used for everyday users, and sometimes small business owners. As such, Windows XP Professional includes an extended security support package between multiple users using the same computer. This platform’s peer to peer networking is more sophisticated, including support for those who wish to join a Windows NT domain. The backup utility is also installed instantly.

While Windows XP Home Edition does not allow for its users to hold domain names, Windows XP Professional is set up with standard domain access for its users. As well as allowing domain ownership, Windows XP Professional includes a multitude of features that are not included in the Home edition. These include, but are not limited to, Administrative Tools accessible through the Start Menu and Control Panel, a Boot Configuration manager, a Group Policy Refresh utility, Multi-Lingual User Interface (or MUI) add-on, a Performance Log Manager, a Scheduled Tasks console, Tasklist, and Telnet Administrator.

As well as coming with its fair share of modified features, the Windows XP Professional package provides support for multi-processor systems, such as those networks containing two or four CPUs. It is also equipped with Dynamic Discs and a Fax feature.


1. Windows XP Home Edition is strictly for use in a personal home setting (at times, for small business owners); Windows XP Professional Edition is used for larger businesses that make use of multi-CPU networks.

2. Windows XP Home Edition comes with a basic package for support, and peer to peer computer networking (up to five computers); Windows XP Professional Edition comes with a more sophisticated peer networking package, modified security support between multiple users on the same computer, and support for those who wish to join a Windows NT domain.

3. Windows XP Home Edition does not allow its users domain access; Windows XP Professional Edition gives its users access to domains.

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  1. I need more differences between win xp home and pro.same with win vista and win 7

  2. Oh please! Micosoft Windows XP is a 10 year old operating system. You should upgrade your hardware to install the Microsoft Windows Vista or Microsoft Windows 7. For more information go to:

  3. What a load of @^#%$ BS !!! Micro$oft persists in arrogancy with its Lowest Common Denominator attitude toward the general public. Windows (up to 10+) continually and continuously piles up stonewall after stonewall trying to prevent users from attaining any sort of free control over their own computers and programs. Windows XP was the last of any really reasonable OS. Actually, Windows 98se was the epitome of perfect, perfect computing pleasure. People could actually install, delete, erase, and .. yes, make horrendous boo-boos. But, it was THEIR choice!
    Windows 10 might .. MIGHT .. be a worthy OS if only the money-grubbers in Redmond would return the right-to-wrongful-moves to users. Return the right to delete, erase, move, install, change names .. but, allow THEM to make the decisions! Those who know how to make images are light-years ahead of all else.

  4. I’ve got a few questions and maybe I can get some much needed answers.

    My job recently started training me for cad drawing and there still using Windows so well I’m thinking of buying me a laptop with windows xp pro and was wondering if windows xp was the same as windows xp pro?

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