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A database is a digital collection of organized data or information which can be stored in computer memory or other storage devices. It was developed in such a way that large amounts of data can be stored and accessed by users. A database has several objects that save, display, and analyze large amounts of information. Microsoft SQL provides database objects such as stored procedures, users, functions, tables, and views.

Tables hold data which are used in applications and reports. They are designed in rows, columns, and fields. They can only have a specific number of columns but can contain as many rows as possible. Relational databases use several tables to store linked data and records.

Data in tables may or may not be physically stored in the database. There are two types of tables, namely; object tables which use an object type to define a column and hold instances of a defined object, and a relational table which holds basic user data in a relational database.

View, on the other hand, is a query used as a table which can be linked to another table. It is a list of several records in a table format that are used for data that are queried frequently. In querying the names and addresses which are located at different tables, views can be used. It is a virtual table that is gathered from data in the database. To change the data stored in the database would also change the data shown in the view. It can incorporate several tables into one virtual table and hide the intricacies of data. It only needs a little space to store data because the database only stores its definition rather than the data it contains or represents. It also provides security for the data and limits the display of data. It can be used to create abstractions.

Rows in view and table are not ordered but can be sorted and queried. Views can be updated and also allows query of data from remote sources. Queries which are contrary to views must be modified.

1.A table is an object of a database which is used to hold data that are used in reports and applications while a view is also a database object which is used as a table and query that can be linked to other tables.
2.A table is designed with a limited number of columns and an unlimited number of rows while a view is designed as a virtual table that is extracted from a database.
3.A view can incorporate several tables into one virtual table while several tables are needed to store linked data and records.
4.A view is used to query certain data contained in several different tables while a table holds basic user data and holds instances of a defined object.
5.Frequently queried data can be accessed in a view, and changing the data in the database also changes the data shown in the view which is not the case in a table.

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