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Difference Between 60Hz and 120Hz LED TVs

60Hz vs 120Hz LED TVs

LED TVs are the latest offerings from the most prominent TV manufacturers like Sony and Samsung. Despite being new, they still carry some of the aspect of older LCD TVs. One new feature that is also available in some LED TVs is the 120Hz feature. The difference between 60Hz and 120Hz LED TVs is still the same as that of their LCD counterparts, which is the refresh rate. 120Hz LED TVs refreshes the screen twice as fast as 60Hz LED TVs.

The concept behind the refresh rate lies with how the mind processes the images from the eyes. If the difference from one image to another is pretty small, the mind merges them together to form motion. If the change is really big, the mind can no longer create fluid motion. 60Hz is an older standard that was created for small SD TVs. But with the much larger TVs nowadays, 60Hz may no longer be enough to cope and that’s where 120Hz comes into play.

120Hz LED TVs are better than 60Hz LED TVs when it comes to videos of fast moving scenes. This is typical of sporting events and action movies where things can happen in the blink of an eye. The 120Hz LED TV is capable of showing an additional frame in between typical 60Hz LED TV frames. But the source video should have a framerate of at least 60Hz for the 120Hz LED TV to be beneficial. Even though the framerate is less than 120Hz, 120Hz LED TVs are able to interlace the frames together to provide the intermediate frame. If the framerate is less than 60Hz, the TV has no choice but to simply repeat the frames; resulting in no advantage. This is also why you will not get a significant difference when viewing typical SD TV channels.

LED TVs are actually no different than older LCD TVs as they still use LCDs as the main component. The only change is the use of LEDs rather than CCFL to light the back of the display. Although this has some advantages as well, LED TVs do not really utilize true LED technology like in AMOLED displays.


  1. 120Hz LED TVs refresh twice as fast 60Hz LED TVs
  2. 120Hz LED TVs are better for fast moving action than 60Hz LED TVs
  3. 120Hz LED TVs are no better than 60Hz LED TVs when viewing SD TV channels

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