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Difference Between Samsung Series 5 and Series 6

hdtv_amazonSamsung Series 5 vs Series 6

The Samsung Series 5 and 6 models are not on the top of the totem when it comes to the best TV sets from Samsung, but Series 6 TV sets are obviously above those of the Series 5. For starters, the Series 6 models have the Ultra Clear Panel Technology, which is a step above the Clear Panel Technology that is equipped on the Series 5. This technology enhances the image by minimizing the glare that results when light from other sources bounces of your TV screen. The LCD display on the Series 6 sets also offer better contrast to that on the Series 5, which is quantified at around 20% better.

Series 6 models have also been equipped with a technology that is meant to improve the viewing experience, especially with fast moving video like sports or action movies. It is called Movie Plus or Auto Motion Technology and cannot be found on the Series 5 models. This feature supposedly improves the video by analyzing the frames and inserting intermediate frames in between to create a more fluid motion. The frames that are inserted are interpolated from the actual frames on the video.

Connectivity has also been improved on the Series 6 models as an additional HDMI port has been added to its back. Where Series 5 models only had 2 HDMI ports on the back, Series 6 models have 3, allowing for more connections between different devices. The speakers on the Series 6 have also been redesigned. Series 5 models have speakers on the side, just like most of the traditional TVs do. The speakers on the Series 6 models have been modified to fire downwards instead of to the side. Samsung claims that the down-firing speakers are capable of reproducing true surround sound than side-firing speakers as the sound is spread evenly on surfaces below the TV before being spread through the room and reaching the listener.

1. The Series 5 sets have Clear Panel Technology while the Series 6 sets have Ultra Clear Panel Technology
2. The Series 6 sets have better contrast compared to Series 5 sets
3. Series 6 models have Movie Plus Technology while Series 5 models doesn’t
4. The Series 6 models have 4 HDMI ports while Series 5 models have 3
5. The speakers on the Series 6 models are down-firing while those on the Series 5 are on the side

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  1. I also believe the 120 hz on the series 6 models are far superior to the minimal refresh rate on the series 5.

  2. I agree to almost everything this comparison article is saying except NOT ALL Series 6 have 4 HDMI ports. For example; FHD Flat Smart TV Series 6 (46″ F6100) UA46F6100AJ model. Only 2 HDMI port for this series 6 model.

  3. Thanks For The Differences

  4. “. . . Series 5 and 6 models are not on the top of the totem . .
    ” Then which ones are?

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