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Difference Between Sony Bravia W Series and Z Series

sony_bravia_wSony Bravia W Series vs Z Series

The W and Z series Bravia TV sets from Sony only differs in a few aspects as they are from the same line of TV sets. Probably the biggest difference that people should really know is in the price. If you want to have the features that the Z series offers, expect to pay a lot more than with the W series models of the same size.

The biggest hardware change in the Z series models is in the refresh rate. It has a 240hz refresh rate compared to only 120hz in the W series. The higher refresh rate of the Z series makes it ideal for fast paced videos like sports or action movies where elements in the screen move around rather quickly. If the refresh rate of the TV set cannot cope with the speed of the elements, artifacts or ghosting might appear on the screen and could affect the overall viewing experience. Although the refresh rate of the W is already higher than what is used in older TV sets, the Z series is simply better.

The sound system of the Z series sets is also better than what is installed in the W series models. The W series models only have 2 speakers that are rated at 10 watts. The Z series models have 2 9 watt speakers and a 12 watt subwoofer. With this 3 speaker set-up, you can have a better frequency range and better reproduction of the sound without purchasing a separate sound system. This reduces the number of equipment to be bought and the clutter in the room where the TV would be set-up.

The Z series models offer a few features that a lot of the more discriminating consumers would appreciate. The faster refresh rate and better sound system is a great plus, especially to sports buffs or movie fanatics. But you should also consider the price difference because it is quite big. You should weigh whether it is worth the extra cash or if it is better spent on other equipment like a separate sound system.

1. The Z series is a lot more expensive compared to the W series
The Z series has a 240hz refresh rate while the W series has a 120hz refresh rate
The Z series TV sets are much better at reproducing high speed images compared to W series models
2. The Z series models have a better sound system compared to W series models

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