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Difference Between Food Processor and Blender

Food Processor vs Blender

When it comes to kitchen appliances, there are many that do basically the same thing; like the food processor and the blender. The first difference between the food processor and blender is the design. Food processors typically have interchangeable blades, each suited for a different job. In contrast, blenders have a fixed set of blades and may not perform as good as a food processor.

A blender is designed for blending liquids, making purees, or mincing small solids. On the other hand, a food processor can do the job of a blender as well as dealing with larger and much harder solids. This is also reflected in the design as food processors are often wide but shorter than blenders to accommodate larger pieces of vegetables. Food processors also have a small opening on the top to feed more objects into. Blenders have a solid cover and you need to stop the blender to put more in or risk having its contents spill out.

As food processors are meant to deal with larger solid objects, it is also equipped with motors that are capable of producing more force. This gives food processors the ability to slice through hard stuff with relative ease. Blenders typically have weak motors that would get stuck if the object is too hard. It is also necessary to have a small amount of liquid in the blender to create that whirlpool effect that gradually pulls everything in it to the blades.

Choosing between a blender and a food processor should depend on whether you really cook or you just need it to make fruit purees in the morning. A blender is cheaper and should do the latter fairly well. A food processor may be nice since it does everything but you should also consider that it is pricey and bulky. It also has more parts like the interchangeable blades and it is fairly easy to lose them if you do not regular use them.


A food processor uses interchangeable blades while a blender uses a fixed blade
A food processor is better with harder stuff than a blender
A food processor is shorter and wider than a blender
Food processors have more powerful motors than blenders
A blender needs a bit of liquid while a food processor doesn’t

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