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Some of the small home appliance tools that any kitchen wouldn’t do without are a blender and a juicer. A blender is a kitchen appliance that is used to liquefy food or make it semi solid. It is electrically powered and uses blades which rotate at high speed to slice the solid food into smaller pieces. A juicer on the other hand is an appliance that is used to squeeze juice out of fruit. The most commonly used type of juicer is the citrus juicer.

A blender consists of a jar-like container that is usually plastic or glass which holds together the food to be blended and is covered with a lid on top so as to prevent food particles from sprinkling out while blending. It is fitted on to a base that holds the blades which are connected to a small motor that is electrically powered. It usually has three or four speed controls that determine the speed at which the blades will rotate. A manual citrus juicer consists of a ridged center shaped like a cone where juice is squeezed out of fruit by pressing the half sliced fruit over the cone and moving it back and forth, with the juice squeezing out down the cone through the holed lid attached to the cone into the container below the lid. Electrically powered juicers include the centrifugal juicer, masticating and triturating juicers. Centrifugal juicers have blades that beat the juice out of the fruit and then sieve it into a container, while masticating juicers crush the fruit pulp and then suck out the juice whereas the triturating juicer uses double gears to press the fruit to release the juice out of it.

The major difference between the two appliances is that a blender will only cut food into smaller finer particles usually to be mixed with another food, liquid or even juice whereas a juicer will only squeeze juice out of the pulp of a fruit. Therefore there will be a marked presence of fibre in blended juice or food when compared to the fine liquid of juice produced by a juicer.

1. A blender can produce semi solid watery paste with a much thicker texture for example avocado, banana type of foods mixed with some little juice whereas a juicer will only produce pure liquid for drinking.
2. A blender is relatively easier and faster to use because they have higher speeds of operation whereas juicers operate at steady speeds with the mechanical ones even much slower although they will normally give a better product of juice.
3. Generally, a blender will produce a drink with small particles if not sieved so when you’re drinking blended liquid you may have to chew whereas juice from a juicer is a fine liquid.

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