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Adwords vs PPC

Just like the world, money makes the internet go round. But how is this achieved when most websites do not require any sort of payment for you to utilize their services? The answer to this is advertisements. Companies pay a fee in order to let their adverts appear on certain sites in order to entice the site’s visitors to click their ads and visit their sites. Pay per Click or PPC is one of the schemes when showing online ads. It charges the advertiser for every click that its ads get instead of per thousand impressions, which was the standard prior to the introduction of PPC. Adwords is one of the services being offered by Google that offers PPC advertising. Prior to PPC, Google also primarily used CPM to measure the amount it should charge.

Although Adwords is probably the most popular when it comes to PPC advertising, it is not the only one as there are other companies that offer the same type of service. The list includes other software giants like Microsoft, Yahoo, and Facebook to name a few. Probably the biggest draw to Adwords is the fact that it is owned by Google, which also owns the biggest search engine of the same name. This provides Adwords clients the benefit of advertising in Google searches; providing them with ads that are targeted to specific people and specific needs. For big companies though, it is common practice to utilize more than a few advertising services in order to have a wider online presence.

PPC is not without faults as over the years, some people have exploited this by using automated software to generate huge amounts of clicks. This is not an allowed practice and any publisher who employs such techniques to increase their income is likely to get banned. Adwords is probably one of the stricter companies when it comes to what you can advertise. Things that relate to hacking and most medical terms are not allowed to be advertised. Also, names and words that have been trademarked by a competing company would not be allowed on Adwords.

1. Adwords is an advertising service provided by Google while PPC is a type of online advertising scheme
2. Adwords is not the only advertising service that uses PPC
3. Adwords is the only the only PPC service that lets your ads appear in Google search

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