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Difference Between Google AdWords and Google AdSense

adwordsGoogle AdWords vs Google AdSense

Google Adwords is a Google program that enables users to display their adverts on the Google website after search results are returned and on its advertising network. It is Google’s flagship product and it’s the company’s highest revenue earner. The application lets users create their own adverts using special tools and keywords. The adverts will then appear along Google search results that contain those keywords and are relevant to the search phrase. Using its search technology, adverts are served based on the content on the website, location of user and many other factors. Google AdSense is another Google program that which is dissimilar from ad words in that it posts the ad words to users’ websites. Google will then pay the web publishers for the adverts displayed on their website based on number of user clicks on the ads or ad impressions and depending on the type of ad too. In order to use Google’s targeted advertisement system, users have to first enroll in the AdWords program.

How it works
Adwords acts as the source of the ads that are used by the Adsense program. Basically users for the Adwords pay some money to run these ads so that in turn generate income by directing users to their websites. Website publishers can sign up with Adsense for free and then get to place these ads on their websites. A publisher will be paid by the Google company when an ad is clicked on, about 50 percent of what is being paid by the Adwords advertiser to publish the ads. The remaining 50 percent is taken by Google.

Because the ads that Google places on a webpage are relevant to the website’s content, Adsense program works.This will ensure that the website’s intended audience will issue the most clicks, hence, known as Google Adsense for content. In order to maximize Adsense income from Google, publishers try as much as possible to attract more traffic by employing various techniques e.g. writing quality content coupled with correct usage of keywords and online advertising. Also, publishers try to make the Adsense ‘ads’ blend in with the website’s theme so that visitors wouldn’t notice them as just ads but rather as a part of the page.

Google adwords is an advertising program while adsense is an ads publishing program.
Google adwords is used to create ads while adsense is used to post the ads created in adwords to websites.
With adwords people buy ads from Google whereas with adsense, Google pays publishers for each click coming from their pages.

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  1. AdWords advertisers can choose where their ads will be displayed. Search results and/or content pages (AdSense).

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