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Google vs Bing

Google is a very search engine that is owned and operated by a company of the same name. Their home page, google.com, is a clutter free site where you can enter your query and have the most relevant results come up on top. Since Google earns a hefty amount from the advertising that other companies buy from them, other software companies also want to have a piece of the pie. Microsoft is certainly one of them and their latest search engine, Bing, is their weapon of choice.

As previously stated, Google is at the top of the search engine totem pole with others like Bing, Yahoo, and many others vie for the remaining few who do not use Google. Just to prove the point, the word Google is often used as a verb; to Google means to search for or look-up online. This kind of dominance is what Microsoft is after and they are willing to spend a fortune just to make Bing a common household term.

Google is a very old and mature technology as it has been around for over the decade and has changed significantly since then to improve its algorithms and to prevent people from knowing how to get ranked higher in their search engine. Although a lot of people think that Bing is nothing more than a renamed Live, the previous online offering of Microsoft, I still think that Microsoft would not spend so much and pray that nobody notices that it still uses the same algorithms as Live did. Parts of Bing may be derived from Live but it is still a work in progress that is being developed. Currently, it is still classified as beta, meaning that changes are still very likely to happen in the near future.

Despite the clear dominance of Google, as indicated by user preference and multiple blind tests online, there are cases where Bing produces better results in searches. Bing is a good alternative to Google but it is easier for most people to simply stick with what they are already used to.


1. Google is the search engine of the company with the same name while Bing is the search engine of Microsoft

2. Google is still the top search engine in the world while being is a top contender for the spot

3. Google has been around for over a decade while Bing is relatively new and still in beta stage

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  1. This is extremely one sided. I still don’t know the difference between the two.

  2. Well, Cortana was honest in bringing up Google’s dominance and I do appreciate that.

    Perhaps google is better but Bing can interface with Cortana and microsoft is just in a better market position to enhance User Interface with their own product rather than trying to get Googs on board with everything they want to do?

  3. Spelling of bing is wrong in second point of summary.

  4. Since Google seems to be into politics now, I prefer to use a non- political search engine. I don’t like the idea of someone or something even trying to control me. I intend to change my email also.

  5. I also would prefer to leave Google because of their recent push to politically control and influence the public

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