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Many of us encounter the .com and .org extensions in the websites we visit but have never paid attention to what they are and why they are there. Actually, .com and .org are top-level domains that are part of the original list which also include .gov, .edu, .mil, and .net. The main purpose of these top-level domains is to create a distinction between the types of websites. The main difference between .com and .org is the type of sites that they were supposed to cater to. Commercial sites, or those that intend to conduct business for a profit, were supposed to fall under the .com TLD while nonprofit organizations would fall under .org. But due to the unrestricted nature of both TLDs, there is no enforcement of these guidelines, and you can use either TLD for whatever site you wish to use.

As the Internet began to boom, many created sites to try and cash in on this new opportunity. This led to many .com sites appearring. This consequently meant that .com became more popular than all other TLDs including .org. Today, .com is still the more preferred TLD. Even organizations that use .org also register a .com domain so that unsure users get to their sites.

There is also a difference on who manages the root DNS servers for these domains. .Com is handled by Verisign, a commercial entity which also handles the .net domain. In comparison, the .org TLD is handled by the PIR, or Public Interest Registry; a non-profit organization. Due to Verisign’s commercial nature and the popularity of the .com domain, it is also slightly more costly to register and maintain a .com domain than a .org. The base cost of a .org domain is set at just $6.75 while the base cost for a .com domain is at $7.34. These are just the prices charged by the two companies and may vary greatly between domain registrants. Some may offer a lower cost to attract new subscribers while others may charge a premium for adding extras to the package which are mostly security related.


1..Com is for commercial sites while .org is for non-government organizations.
2..Com is much more popular than .org.
3..Com is handled by Verisign while .org is handled by the PIR.
4.The base price of .com domains is higher than the base price of .org domains.

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  1. Shall we use .com for the website which links and gathers all the students in one page and all to discuss

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