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Difference Between Add-on Domain and Parked Domain

Add-on Domain vs Parked Domain

Domain names are the common names used to identify web sites in the global network that is dominated by numbers. Because of how important domain names are, they are often chased for their monetary value. For everyone who owns one or more websites, there should be at least one domain name. But aside from the main domain, there are also other types; there’s the add-on domain and the parked domain. The main difference between an add-on and a parked domain is the function they serve. An add-on domain points to a different site that is hosted and shares the same resources as the main domain. In contrast, a parked domain is one that points to a site that is not functioning. It often leads to a page that tells the visitor that the domain is under construction or a page full of ads.

An add-on domain is often used when someone wants to have multiple websites under a single account. This is much cheaper because you would only pay for the domain and not the hosting. Any add-on domain would share the disk space and bandwidth of the main domain, so proper care should be taken to avoid maxing out the resources. This is perfect if you want to create many small sites that only has a few pages; typical for company sites that showcase their products or services and details on how to contact them.

There are a number of reasons to park a domain. The most prominent is to reserve the domain name while you are building the site; site developers often put-up a generic page saying that the domain is still under construction and to come back after a while. The second use of a parked domain, which is a bit more questionable, is to prevent other people from using it; this is called cybersquatting. People register the names of famous people or catchy names and phrases, then sell them at a much higher price. They do not intend to put any useful content on the site. The buyer of the site is forced to negotiate in order to use the domain name or to prevent other people from misusing it.


1.An add-on domain points to a second site that shares the same resources as the main
2.A parked domain points to a non-functional site

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