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Cascading Style Sheets (CSS) is an application used for designing or formatting web pages.  The CSS does not work alone, but works hand in hand with the languages for creating websites.  It is basically developed for use with HTML and XML, to give both website developers and users more control over their layouts, such as styling, positioning, and display designing.  The CSS defines how to use and manipulate the HTML and XML elements.  All internet browsers support CSS.

The HTML and XML provides the elements that the CSS will format or style.  These elements include headings, titles, paragraphs, boxes, tables and many more.  The CSS is then used for a much more defined and improved style of color, backgrounds, fonts, alignment, outlines, lists, links, etc.  There are certain syntax’s you need to follow when using CSS, just like other programming languages, but keep in mind that CSS is not really a programming language.  It does not have complex syntax’s and computations, it is only just a designing sheet.  So, in order to use CSS, you need to learn HTML or XML.

JavaScript is also designed for web pages using HTML.  It is supported by all the major browsers, such as Internet Explorer and Firefox.  With JavaScript, you can add more functions and interactions to your web page.  JavaScript is a scripting language, usually embedded directly into HTML pages.  With JavaScript, you can make reactions to certain HTML elements when they are clicked.  It can also detect a visitor’s browser, read and change the content of an element, and it can be used to retrieve and store information from a visitor’s computer.

By inserting an HTML <script> tag, you can easily include JavaScript functions into your web page.  JavaScript syntax’s are very simple and easy to understand, therefore its also easy to memorize.  You can always look at the JavaScript guidelines, or library, to find the syntax of a certain function you need. JavaScript can also be used to validate forms before it is sent to the server, so that the server won’t have to do this process.

The main difference is that JavaScript is a more advanced language for web designing.  You are not limited to only creating texts, tables, boxes and colors.  With JavaScript, you can even create animations, add events to images, and set a timing event that will execute an action after the time interval you set.


1. CSS is much simpler and basic when it comes to web page formatting and designing.  JavaScript is more advanced, and offers more functions and interactions for a web page.

2. The <script> tag should be used for JavaScript functions, while CSS directly defines the HTML element.

3. JavaScript can validate forms, can be used to detect visitor browsers, and can be used to retrieve and store information from visitors’ computers.

4. CSS is supported by all browsers, while JavaScript is only supported by major browsers.

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