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Difference Between Google TV and Apple TV

Google TV vs Apple TV

Computing giants Google and Apple have started the trend of expanding away from their core products and moving into other home devices that can benefit from internet connectivity. Right now the Google TV and the Apple TV are their respective products for the TV. The main difference between the two is in their implementation. The Apple TV is a set-top box that you connect to your TV and wirelessly connects to your network, and consequently the internet, to provide streaming content. On the other hand, Google TV is just software that is utilized by Google’s many partners. So unlike Apple TV where you only get a set-top box, you can have a set-top box like Logitech’s Revue or integrated direct on a TV like on Sony’s internet TVs. Many more products are expected to feature the Google TV software, giving an even more diverse array of choices.

There is one major difference between the remotes used with the two. Apple opts for a simpler clicker while Google uses a remote with a QWERTY keyboard; although you can purchase a clicker for the Google TV. The presence of the keyboard is because the Google TV is able to browse the internet. It can even load Flash content like video and games. Both TVs allow the use of smartphones to act as a clicker remote. But the Google TV is a bit more inclusive as you can use any Android or iPhone handset, while the Apple TV, as Apple always is, only works with other Apple devices.

A promising feature that Google TV has is the ability to run apps. There are a few default apps but many more would soon follow as the platform becomes more popular and developers see a potential market. The Apple TV does not have the ability to run apps.

iTunes is probably the biggest draw for the Apple TV as it is the most popular source of content in the web. People who already have other Apple products would have no qualms in picking the Apple TV as they already have their iTunes accounts with their media already on it.


  1. Apple TV is a specific product while Google TV is software on different devices
  2. Google TV sets come with a QWERTY keyboard remote while Apple TVs have a clicker
  3. Google TV has more options with smartphones as remotes than Apple TV does
  4. Google TV allows a more comprehensive internet browsing experience than Apple TV does
  5. Google TV can run apps while the Apple TV cannot
  6. Apple TV has tight integration with iTunes while Google TV does not

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