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Difference Between Samsung Galaxy S II and Blackberry Torch 9800

Samsung Galaxy S II vs Blackberry Torch 9800

Smartphones have evolved a lot over the past few years, and now are functioning more like computers than traditional phones. The problem with the sudden explosion of new and improved smartphones is difficulty in choosing. The Samsung Galaxy S II and Blackberry Torch 9800 are two smartphones that are very different. The main difference between the two is their strengths. The Torch 9800 is a business oriented phone that provides unparalleled service in messaging via push email and BBM. In comparison, the Galaxy S II is more of an all-around smartphone that does just about everything.

We can clearly see this in how the two are designed. The Torch 9800 packs a QWERTY keyboard for fast typing of emails and messages. On the other hand, the Galaxy S II doesn’t have a hardware keyboard and relies solely on the on-screen keyboard of the touch screen. Typing is significantly slower and less accurate on the Galaxy S II. But the trade-off for not having a keyboard is the much larger screen where you can play games, browse the internet, or play videos. Although the Torch 9800 also has a touch sensitive screen, it is not as usable as that of the Galaxy S II and you would yourself using the keyboard a lot more.

The same is also true when it comes to the cameras. The Galaxy S II has an 8MP camera that is able to record full HD video, which is a good enough replacement for a digital camera. The Torch 9800 camera is more of an afterthought; a 5MP sensor that is only capable of VGA resolution video. It is there if you really need it, but you probably won’t be using it that much.

When it comes to applications, the Galaxy S II can have any of the ever growing number of Android apps. Of course, there are also apps for the Blackberry OS but it simply doesn’t compete with Android. You can get anything on the Galaxy S II, apps for productivity, gaming, multimedia, and many more.

When it comes to messaging, the Torch 9800 beats the Galaxy S II hands down. But for personal use, the Torch 9800 seems a bit boring. The Galaxy S II has a whole lot more to offer due to its multimedia features.


1.The Torch 9800 is a more business minded smartphone while the Galaxy S II is a more well-rounded smartphone
2.The Torch 9800 has a QWERTY keyboard while the Galaxy S II relies on the touch screen
3.The Galaxy S II camera is better than the Torch 9800 camera
4.The Galaxy S II has way more apps than the Torch 9800

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