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HTML (Hypertext Markup Language) is a type of markup language that has become the primary dialect of the Internet. It is the language used to transmit web pages so that it gets formatted correctly on the browser as the author intended. On the other hand, we have the text format. This is the most basic format and has been around since the early days of computing. The main difference between them is the ability to change how things are displayed on the screen. HTML can use different fonts as well as change them to different sizes. HTML is also capable of changing the color, alignment, as well as many other functions. Text does not have this capability, and the only formatting capabilities of space are to indent with the tab and moving to the next line.

Although media-like photos, videos, and audio cannot be embedded into an HTML file, it does have the ability to reference images from certain locations so that the rendering browser can retrieve the files and include it in the rendered page. Text also doesn’t have this capability.

One area where text has an edge over HTML is usage. Text, partly because of its age, is used in a wide variety of files for a variety of reasons. Many configuration files use text due to its simplicity. In contrast, HTML has little use outside of delivering pages over the Internet of local networks.

What may be surprising to some is the fact that HTML is actually encoded in text. You can go ahead and use your favorite text editor (like Notepad for Windows) and open an HTML file. The only difference with an HTML file to a regular text file is the presence of multiple tags that indicate how and where certain elements look like on the page. The tags do not appear on the rendered page as the browser would recognize these tags, interpret what they are for, and then render the elements without the tags. The presence of the tags also adds to the overall size of the file.


1.HTML has the ability to change the formatting while text doesn’t.
2.HTML is capable of embedding media content while text cannot.
3.HTML is commonly used in the Internet, but text has a wide variety of uses.
4.HTML also uses text.
5.HTML files are often larger than text files.

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