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Difference Between T-Mobile Internet and T-Mobile Web

T-Mobile Internet vs T-Mobile Web

The internet has gradually crawled out from desktops, to laptops, and now even with portable devices like smartphones and tablets. But, the internet experience is not the same across all devices due to differences with hardware. To provide better service, T-Mobile created different connection offerings; T-Mobile Internet and T-Mobile Web. The main difference between T-Mobile Internet and T-Mobile Web is the extent to which they can access the internet.

T-Mobile Internet provides a connection that is identical to what you would get with typical internet connections. In contrast, T-Mobile Web imposes a number of limitations that disables all except the most common web services. You can still browse the internet and do your emails, but if you use programs that use different ports, like file sharing programs, these will be blocked in T-Mobile Web. Online games may also use different ports and may not be able to connect with T-Mobile Web.

Web traffic in T-Mobile Web is also routed through T-Mobile servers to regulate usage. This prevents users from hogging too much bandwidth. Even downloads are limited to sizes of 1MB or less. If you download files larger than 1MB, you will get an error message.

The T-Mobile Internet offering is better suited for those who are on laptops or desktops as it provides a more faithful internet experience; although, a T-Mobile Web plan may suit those who only browse the web occasionally. The T-Mobile Web offering is obviously aimed towards portable devices like smartphones and tablets. With these devices, the most common tasks are just web browsing on social networking sites, sending emails, and messaging with friends.

The limitations imposed on T-Mobile Web are not really noticeable on smartphones and tablets, so there would really be no difference on these devices. So on a smartphone, the only noticeable difference is the significantly reduced price. At just a fifth of the cost of a T-Mobile Internet plan, T-Mobile Web is a very reasonable option for those who do not use the plan on a computer. But for those who tether their laptops to their phones, there is no other choice than to go for the T-Mobile Internet.


1.T-Mobile Web is a more limited option compared to T-Mobile Internet
2.T-Mobile Web is suited for smartphones and tablets while T-Mobile Internet is better suited for laptops
3.T-Mobile Web is a cheaper alternative to T-Mobile Internet
4.T-Mobile Web is much cheaper than T-Mobile Internet

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