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Difference Between RTF and HTML


RTF (Rich Text Format) and HTML (Hypertext Markup Language) are two similar formats because of their use of tags in order to format the documents properly. Despite being similar to each other, there are a number of distinct differences between the two formats. The primary difference between RTF and HTML is their use. While HTML is used for transmitting content across the Internet, RTF was primarily used as a format for storing typed documents. RTF was developed in the early days of Microsoft Word but has since been replaced by the DOC and DOCX formats.

Both RTF and HTML have provisions on formatting text and modifying how it looks with different fonts, sizes, as well as different typefaces like bold and italics. You also have the ability to include pictures with both; there’s just a minor difference in how they go about doing this. With RTF, the image you’re including gets embedded into the file. This increases the file size but ensures that you will always see the image when you open the file. In comparison, HTML does not have the ability to embed images; what it will do is store a link to where the image is stored. This keeps the size of HTML files down, but you run a risk of the image not being there when you open the HTML file. This was also done to reduce the size of files; since it is common for the same image to be used by multiple pages, keeping a single copy of the file makes more sense.

There is also a difference between the types of files that you can put into RTF and HTML files. Starting with images, HTML can load most types including animated GIFs. In contrast, RTF cannot include animated files, and even still images are limited to a few formats only. When you paste an image into the RTF file, it will automatically convert it to the accepted format. When it comes to other media, like audio and video, this is pretty simple with HTML while absolutely non-existent with RTF.

The differences between HTML and RTF are closely related to what they are meant to do. HTML is a versatile format for delivering all sorts of content. This is very different from what RTF is meant to do, which is the storage of typed documents.


1.RTF is used for storing documents while HTML is used for transmitting content across the Internet.
2.RTF embeds the images into the files while HTML just links to them.
3.HTML supports a lot more image types than RTF.
4.HTML can embed videos and audio while RTF cannot.

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