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The Portable Document Format, more commonly known as PDF, is a format that was created by Adobe as a method of transferring documents without being altered. It was initially a proprietary file format, but Adobe has now released it as an open standard. The primary difference between HTML and PDF files is in the output. HTML files are scripts that the browser interprets and tries to display to the best of its abilities. This is often problematic and the resulting output might not look exactly as the author intended. PDF files would always appear as it should regardless of the browser or OS, but you would need to have a reader installed before you can open a PDF file.

Unlike HTML files that have separate images which it can then display in the final output, PDF files embed the images within the file itself. This ensures that the images appear correctly, but it also adds to the total file size of the PDF file which makes it unsuitable for most web applications. Even the fonts that PDF file uses are defined within the document itself, just to ensure the accuracy of the output. HTML files usually depend on the system for fonts and this introduces another set of problems to the formating of the HTML file.

The strength of PDF files shines when you want to send forms or any other files that needs to be printed out. Forms that needs to be filled up and submitted would print properly without missing elements. HTML files do not have page demarcations and it is up to the user to properly format the HTML output so that all the data is visible while PDF files clearly define each page so that there is no confusion. This is now the primary role of PDF files, forms, cards, or E-books that might be printed are usually sent via this format to make sure that the reader sees what the author wrote.

1. PDF was once a proprietary format before being released as an open standard while HTML has been an open standard ever since
2. PDF files need its own reader since it cannot be read directly by a browser, it is therefore browser independent
3. PDF files have all the materials, like pictures, embedded within the file while HTML saves all the resources it uses in a separate folder
4. PDF files contains the fonts it uses while HTML files depend on the operating system
5. PDF files print as the author intended it to while HTML pages does not always do so

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