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When some data or information has to be represented for informative use, they are either put in the form of tables or in the form of illustrations. Tables and figures are generally differentiated visually. Figures include drawings, illustrations, and photos, and tables are compilations of all the data in the form of rows and columns. This is a very general way of understanding the difference between them. In scientific reports, tables and figures are used extensively for better understanding and easier interpretation. They are both used to explain something or some relation between one or more things and are used to show all the collected data in one simple way.

Whatever data is collected should not be left in a story-like fashion. It should always be compiled into tables and represented as figures. Tables and figures should have a brief explanation before introducing them in a report. Once introduced and illustrated, at the bottom one should write a little text about the table and figure again.

Tables can be described as text or numbers in the form of columns. They can be called a grid which has rows and columns with information or numbers. Every column has a heading or title. They are basically used to represent the compiled data in a simple form; they are not used to show relationship between separate values. Tables are denoted by Roman numerals as Table I. While labeling the table, the label or numbers are centered and written on the top of the tables.

Figures are any illustrations other than tables. They could be drawings, photos, bar charts, clip art, etc. Figures also include graphs and pie charts. Figures or graphs are used to illustrate the relationship between different data or different relationship patterns.

Tables and figures are chosen according to the most informative way to show the data. It also depends upon what data one is trying to display. Figures are denoted by Arabic numerals like Figure 1. The figures are labeled at the bottom.


1.Tables are text or numbers in the form of columns whereas figures are illustrations of different kinds like a pie chart, a drawing, a photograph, any graphic which represents the data in a graphic form.
2.Tables are not used to represent any patterns of relationship whereas figures are used to show relationship patterns.
3.Tables are generally denoted by Roman numerals whereas figures are denoted by Arabic numerals.
4.Tables are labeled at the top of the illustration whereas figures are labeled below the illustration.

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