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Difference Between AVG Android Security and NetQin Android Security

AVG Android Security vs NetQin Android Security

One of the downsides of being a popular OS is the consequent appearance of viruses and other online threats that can be a minor annoyance, if not a major threat, to users. This is one problem that the Android operating system is now facing. To combat the viruses and other malware, there are two softwares for the Android OS; the AVG Android Security and NetQin Internet Security. The main difference between the two is pricing. AVG Android Security has a free version, but it also has a paid version at $9.99. On the other hand, the NetQin Android Security is still free at the moment. The pricing is understandable given that AVG already has an established name when it comes to virus protection.

Aside from the typical features of antivirus software, AVG Android Security is able to scan incoming SMS for attachments that can contain viruses. It just ensures that the threat gets intercepted before it gets to infect your phone. This feature is not available with NetQin Android Security. Another feature that AVG Android Security has over NetQin Android Security is spam protection. Spam protection makes sure that you don’t get those annoying, unsolicited, text messages from marketers.

On the flip side, NetQin Android Security has a contacts back-up feature that AVG Android Security doesn’t have. It allows you to have an online back-up of all your contacts. So if you lose your phone or it gets damaged, you can easily retrieve your contacts on another mobile.

It is worth mentioning that both softwares have provisions against theft and loss. You can track your phone via GPS or even to wipe your memory clean remotely so that the thief, or whoever found your phone, would not have access to any sensitive or confidential information that is stored there.

So far, the threats on the Android OS are still very minimal and the security measures on the OS make it hard to get infected. Still, it makes good sense to get either software to protect your phone and the data stored in it.


1.AVG Android Security has a paid option while the NetQin Android Security doesn’t.
2.AVG Android Security scans incoming SMS for viruses while NetQin Android Security doesn’t.
3.AVG Android Security offers spam protection while NetQin Android Security doesn’t.
4.NetQin Android Security provides contacts back-up while AVG Android Security doesn’t.

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