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Difference Between McAfee Total Protection and Internet Security

McAfee Total Protection vs Internet Security

McAfee is one of the more well-known computer protection companies because they’ve been in the business for quite a long time. They also have a number of products on offer depending on your needs. Two of these products are Total Protection and Internet Security. The main difference between Total Protection and Internet Security is the features that they have. Total protection is the one with more features compared to internet security, thus commanding the higher price.

One of the key features that total protection has is wireless network protection. This is meant for people who routinely use WiFi in public places like airports and coffee shops. Just about anyone can connect to this access points and you can be vulnerable to attacks. Total protection secures your computer so no one can access it. Another protective feature in total protection is anti-phishing. This feature protects a user from malicious sites that impersonate legitimate sites in order to get personal information and even credit card numbers. And then there is the encrypted storage. If you have important files that you do not want other people to see, you can put it into the encrypted storage of total protection. This secures your data and other users would not be able to retrieve those files unless they also know your password.

There are also additional features that are not so essential, URL shortening and Safe URL Sharing. URL shortening does exactly what it says. It shortens your URLs to make it easier to embed in emails or messages. The second feature is Safe URL sharing. If you want to send URLs to your friend, you are not exposed to risks but they will be. Safe URL sharing gives them a warning if the link you are sending has something suspicious in it.

Lastly, it is also worth noting that both programs are equipped with online back-up. The only difference between total protection and internet security is the capacity provided to them. The latter only has an allocated capacity of 1GB while the latter has double that at 2GB. Obviously, greater capacity lets you back-up more of your files online.


  1. Total protection has features not found in internet security
  2. Total protection has wireless network protection while internet security doesn’t
  3. Total Protection has encrypted storage and anti-phishing features while internet security doesn’t
  4. Total Protection has Safe URL Sharing and URL Shortener while internet security doesn’t
  5. Total protection has twice the capacity than internet security for online back-up


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  1. I purchase total protection and did not renew 3-user internet security. I am confused because I keep getting renew now messages or my subscription will expire. please explain.

    • Don’t renew! I had a similar situation but accidentally renewed the old one and ended up paying for both.

      The way the accounts are run they just automate the requests for renewal (and probably make huge amounts of money from people accidentally double paying).

      Log in to your account and try to remove/delete the old product so it will stop emailing you about renewing. Good luck.

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