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ExtJS vs jQuery

ExtJS and jQuery are two of the most popular frameworks for developing Javascript applications, which are mainly used to provide interactive interfaces for websites. The main difference between jQuery and ExtJS, and eventually the biggest factor in choosing between the two, is the licenses that they have. jQuery is under the GPL and MIT license, which basically lets you use it without too much restrictions. In comparison, ExtJS works under the GPLv3 and a commercial license. In layman’s terms, you can use ExtJS without any fees as long as the application you are using it on would also be open source and under the GPLv3 license. If your application is not open source, you need to get the commercial license, which costs several hundred dollars.

With licensing and fees aside, the next major difference between ExtJS and jQuery is size, which is a result of differences in their design. ExtJS is a more complete framework where most of the things you need is already there. In comparison, jQuery is basically just the core library and relies a lot on plug-ins to provide the more advanced functionalities. Because of this, ExtJS is fairly large compared to jQuery. The downside to jQuery is the added complexity in finding and including all the plug-ins needed for your application. Experienced users are so used to this making it just an additional step but newbies may have trouble in selecting the right plugins and making them work as they intended.

There are also features available in ExtJS that are not available in jQuery altogether. One major feature is offline storage, which lets the browser store the working application so that they can be accessed when there is no internet connection. ExtJS achieves this by using Google Gears or Adobe Air, which are separate software that are developed and maintained by other companies. Even though the feature is not integral to ExtJS, the fact that jQuery doesn’t have it gives ExtJS a slight edge.

The choice between ExtJS and jQuery is largely down to whether you are willing to release your code or if you are want to fork the cash to get the commercial license. If you don’t want to do both, jQuery is a the choice for you.


1.jQuery is totally free while ExtJS is not
2.jQuery is much lighter to use than ExtJS
3.jQuery relies so much more on plugins that ExtJS does
4.ExtJS is easier to use than jQuery
5.ExtJS supports offline storage while jQuery doesn’t

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  1. Congrats, you’ve totally missed the point.

  2. Poor article. Ext JS is a total framework, such that it almost forces you to do whatever you want to do under its infrastructure. jQuery on the other hand is only a JavaScript library (not a framework).

  3. This article is complete crap.

    Firstly, ext and jquery have completely different design goals in attempting to solve similar problems. In some cases the problems they attempt to solve are completely different.

    Extjs is a GUI framework written in javascript. It is MOST CERTAINLY not easier to use, and is free for open source projects (dual licensing). Ext is not a lightweight api, and abstracts most of the details of DOM manipulation away from the developer.

    JQuery is a very lightweight API designed to make DOM manipulation incredibly simple. It also uses css selectors to make finding the elements you’re targeting very fast and easy. In Ext you generally want to avoid direct DOM manipulation as the API should handle all of that for you. Tweaking the DOM too much while using Ext could break the framework code.

    JQuery has a subproject called “jquery ui” that is closer to Ext than just JQuery is.

    Having implemented several projects with both, my feeling is that jquery is not only far simpler, less expensive, and more lightweight, it’s also **fun**.

  4. Thanks, good summary and interesting point about offline storage.


  5. i use ext js in my work and it is a big piece of shit.

    very hard to maintant and learn , unproductiv , slow, too complex , file are big, many lines of code to do a little button.
    and the last and not the least debugger inexisting
    dont use it!!

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