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Difference Between Great Plains and SAP

Great Plains vs SAP

Great Plains and SAP both are ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) software for all types of enterprises. Great Plains belongs to Microsoft while another one is from SAP Company.

Great Plains
Great Plains has been a business accounting software from Microsoft, and currently this name has been replaced with Microsoft Dynamics GP. It is a comprehensive, business management solution built on an affordable platform of Microsoft technologies offering a cost-effective solution for e-commerce, manufacturing, project accounting, field service, human resources, supply chain, managing and integrating finances. An independent company, Great Plains Software, initially developed The Dynamics GP. One of the first accounting packages developed in the USA which was written and designed to be multi-user and running under Windows as 32-bit software was the Microsoft Dynamics GP.

It is marketed in America, Australia, U.K., and Singapore, and in many other countries. It uses Microsoft SQL Server 2005 or 2008 for storing data. It delivers comprehensive out-of-the-box business management functionality ranging from financial management and operational management to manufacturing and human resources to get an organization up and running affordably and quickly.

Great Plains lubricates moving parts of an organization giving better visibility and control over what is going on in the business. It also enables one to make quick decisions which have a direct effect on the company’s bottom line, improving its cash flow and increasing its margin. This program works with its existing sales and technology to deliver long-term values. Dynamics GP 2010 R2 released in April, 2011 is the latest version. Earlier versions were called Microsoft Dynamics and Microsoft Great Plains.

SAP is the world’s biggest, inter-enterprise software company formed by former IBM employees. SAP’s original name was German standing for Systeme, Anwendungen, Produkte. In English it is called Systems, Applications, and Products. SAP originally had the idea of providing customers with the ability to interact with a common organization database for a detailed range of applications.

The SAP ERP application is integrated software manufactured by SAP AG where “ERP” stands for “enterprise resource planning” which is targeted for business software requirements for large and midsized organizations in all sectors, enabling open communication between all company affairs.

SAP’s applications provide the capability to manage assets, financial and cost accounting, material and production operations, plants, personnel, and achieved documents.

SAP’s ERP solution includes SAP Enhancement Packages, SAP Business Suite, Logistic Consulting, SAP Enterprise Performance Management, Home, SAP Supplier Relationship Management, and SAP Customer Relationship Management modules supporting key functional areas.


1.Great Plains is a product of Microsoft while SAP is the ERP product of the SAP Enterprise.
2.Great Plains makes use of Dexterity as its programming language while SAP uses C# as its programming language.

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  1. “…while SAP uses C# as its programming language.”

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