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Difference Between Linking and Embedding

Linking vs Embedding

Both linking and embedding are similar in their functionality. You have the freedom to add objects like files, images, or audio files either by embedding or linking in a Word document, HTML document, or even an Excel spreadsheet.

What is Linking?

It is a way to add a file to another file. The linked file can be placed on your computer, or you may be linking a web page. You link the web pages by including the entire URL to the target document (Word, HTML or Excel). When you try to upload two linked files on a web site, then you have to ftp both the files. In case of sending such files via emails, you need to place both the files in a folder before zipping it and sending it across.

What is Embedding?

It is a way to incorporate a document into an existing file. Once a document is embedded into another file, they start to exist as a single file. Say if a pie chart from an Excel file is embedded in a Word document and you make changes to this pie chart, then it does not get reflected in the Word document. The original document’s size gets bloated due to the embedded file.

Differences between Linking and Embedding:

When the files are linked, then a change in the linked file gets updated in the destination file. In the case of embedding, changes in the embedded file do not propagate to the destination file. You need to manually make the changes in the destination file by double-clicking the embedded file.


1. In the case of linking, the data gets stored in the source file and is updated there

whenever a change occurs in the linked file.

2. In embedding, the data is stored in your file and any updates in the original source file

are not reflected.

3. You can use linking when:

You need to make a presentation the next morning but the financial report is still not updated. You can link this report to your presentation. When the report gets updated, it will reflect in the presentation.

You want to add a logo to your company’s letterhead but it is still not finalized. You can link it to the letterhead so that the final logo is reflected on the letterhead when completed.

4. You can use embedding when you wish to distribute an organization chart in which

the role displayed changes according to the recipient.

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    • Embedding an object makes it part of the document while linking an object does not include the object file into the document files.

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