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Difference Between VDS and VPS


As more and more companies become online accessible, it is apparent that the need for cheap server hosting is very lucrative. The easiest way to do this is via virtualization. “VDS,” which stands for “Virtual Dedicated Server,” and “VPS,” which stands for “Virtual Private Server,” are two terms closely associated with virtualization. The two pretty much mean the same thing; but in common use, VDS is used to refer to a higher tier of VPS.

VDS was created during the early days of virtualization but did not manage to catch on to popular usage. VPS was created later, but it spread widely as more software makers used the term in their software. Even though the two achieve pretty much the same thing, there is still a slight difference between VDS and VPS in how they allocate resources.

In VPS, the resources are pooled together, and the software allocates proper amounts to each instance of the private server. Although there are limits, it is a common practice to install more instances than what the hardware can actually accommodate. The administrator assumes that not all the instances will be operating at a peak at the same time. In VDS, the resources that are allocated are fixed, so the number of instances installed on a given hardware will not exceed the actual capacity of the hardware.

The primary benefit of VDS is that regardless of whether traffic is peaking for the other instances, you will not get any lag time on your server. Because the resources are fixed, instances cannot infringe on each other’s resources. But because a fewer number of instances can be installed in a given hardware with VDS, it is pricier compared to VPS. For small-scale users, VPS is still worth it because the probability of multiple instances peaking is rather rare and should not affect your site.

In most cases, VPS and VDS are basically the same thing. For those who are just starting, you should choose the service that fits your needs quite well. You can just migrate later on to a better hardware once you’ve outgrown the resources that can be provided by virtualization services.


1.VDS may be used to refer to a higher-end VPS.
2.VPS uses shared resources while a VDS doesn’t.
3.VDS may be more reliable than a VPS.

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  1. nice article , but i think we call KVM server VDS too as KVM servers provide more resources

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