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Wikipedia is probably the biggest reference that most people use to gain information on certain things. What most people do not know is that Wikipedia is in no way unique; there are other wikis on the internet. The main difference between wiki and Wikipedia is that the former is actually a type of website or a website format. In contrast, Wikipedia is just a website that adheres to the Wiki format.
At the heart of the Wiki system is the ability of users to edit or modify entries in the list. This puts a large collaborative team of volunteers that can work a lot more than a small dedicated team. The downside to this is the increased probability of vandalism, which if unchecked, can lead to misinformation. To its credit, Wikis have a versioning system, allowing other people to reverse the vandalism rather quickly. Administrators can also control how freely people can edit entries. Some wikis require that only members can edit entries, while some require a specific period of time or number of edits before you can do major changes. A stricter policy reduces the risk of vandalism but is also likely to turn away casual visitors. In contrast, Wikipedia adopts a very open policy and just about anyone can edit entries. The effects of vandalism are quickly corrected by the great number of people who use Wikipedia.

Wikipedia is probably the most popular wiki website in the world today because many people use it for their research on various topics. Its name is a mix of Wiki and encyclopedia and it provides information on just about any topic you can think of. Its contents far exceed that of what you will find in typical encyclopedia books. But, there are also other wikis available on the internet. These other wikis have a more focused content. Examples are wiki sites about certain games and topics. They may not have the great number of users, but the more focused topics mean that you usually have more details on the topic you want.

The Wiki sites, more importantly Wikipedia, have changed how people view and collect information on the internet. If you so desire, you can also build one of your own.


  1. Wiki is a type of website while Wikipedia is website that uses the Wiki format
  2. Wikipedia is arguably the most popular Wiki in the world
  3. Wikipedia emulates an encyclopedia while other wikis may contain other types of information

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