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Difference Between Ericsson and Sony Ericsson

Ericsson vs Sony Ericsson

Ericsson is a Swedish-based company specializing in telecommunication and data communication systems and a wide range of technologies that include mobile networks. Sony Ericsson is a joint venture between the Swedish company Ericsson and the Japanese consumer electronics company Sony Corporation. The joint venture was announced on October 1st, 2001. Sony collaborated with Ericsson to make use of the Ericsson’s technological knowledge in the mobile communications field. As of today, both companies have stopped manufacturing their own mobile phones. The phones are manufactured and sold under the Sony Ericsson brand name.

Ericsson played a major role in the field of mobile devices, cable TV, and IPTV systems both directly and through subsidiaries. Today’s most popular Bluetooth technology was also invented by Ericsson. The company was founded by Magnus Ericsson in the year 1876 as a telegraph equipment repair shop. The company has its headquarters operating in Kista, Stockholm municipality. The Sony Ericsson company has its headquarters located in Hammersmith London, United Kingdom. After Nokia, Samsung and LG, Sony Ericsson was declared the fourth-largest mobile phones manufacturer in 2009. However, the market share has dropped to sixth position due to the competitors like Blackberry and Apple.

Ericsson is the world’s largest mobile telecommunications equipment manufacturer. Ericsson not only manufactures mobile and fixed broadband networks but is also actively involved in consultancy and managed services. The Ericsson Company also specializes in the multimedia technology field. Sony Erricson specializes in the field of mobile phones, mobile music devices, wireless systems, wireless voice devices, high-tech accessories, and wireless data devices. In the mobile phones field it has specialized in providing six major categories which include: the Walkman-branded W series music phones, cyber-shot camera branded line of phones a.k.a. K series, BRAVIA branded line of phones that was launched for the Japanese market only, UIQ smart phones, the most popular XPERIA range of mobile phones, and the GreenHeart range of phones which is focused on environmentally friendly themes using eco-friendly materials featuring eco-apps. Since the joint venture with the Sony Corporation, Ericsson has stopped making cell phones by itself. However, the popular models manufactured in the past include Ericsson GA628, Ericsson SH888, Ericsson A1018, Ericsson T10 which was a colorful cellphone, Ericsson T28, Ericsson T68, the first Ericsson device to have a color display which is now branded as Sony Ericsson T68i.

The Ericsson Company has around 90,260 employees working worldwide at the end of 2010. The subsidiary company Sony Ericsson has around 8,450 employees as of April 2010.

1. Ericsson is a Swedish-based company whereas Sony Ericsson is a subsidiary company of Ericsson.
2. Ericsson is a publicly traded company whereas Sony Ericsson is a joint venture company.
3. Ericsson has its headquarters in Kista, Stockholm municipality whereas Sony Ericsson has its headquarters in Hammersmith, London, UK.
4. Ericsson was founded in the year 1876 while Sony Ericsson was founded in the year 2001.
5. Ericsson specializes in mobile and fixed broadband networks, consultancy and managed services, multimedia technology whereas Sony Ericsson specializes in the field of mobile phones, wireless systems, high-tech accessories, wireless data services, and wireless voice devices.

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