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Droid 1 vs Droid 2

The Motorola Droid was remarkably the first Android device introduced in the market with the Verizon network in November, 2009. The device has been liked by many users for its captivating design. The sequel to the popular Droid, Droid 2, was announced by Motorola and Verizon in August, 2010. The look and feel of Droid 2 remains identical to its predecessor; however, there are some slight changes in the hardware configuration of the two devices.

If both the devices are identical, then why buy Droid 2 at a full retail price? Here are some differences between the two devices to help you decide if the upgrade is worth it.

The Droid 2 has a much refined and improvised keyboard which does not go unnoticed. The original Droid device had a keyboard that did not match well with its surface. The keys were just laid on a membrane that was positioned over the switches. The Droid 2 has the keys that looks large and somewhat raised rather than laid flat on a membrane. The layout of the keys is also improved in the Droid 2. The original Droid device had a large D-pad on the right side of the keyboard which is taken off completely in the Droid 2. A group of arrow keys are used instead of a D-pad resulting in much better use of space. The keys are placed to the center giving a little offset between each row.

The new chip in the Droid 2 is 1GHz while its predecessor had a 660Mz processor. How effective can the new chip be? Well, Droid 2 got some amazing scores on the quadrant benchmark in comparison with the Nexus One on Android 2.1. The results were surprising as the Droid 2 scored 1199 while the Nexus One got around 500. With Android 2.1, Droid 2 scores are higher than any other phone running on the same OS. Droid 2 runs on Android 2.2, the speed is noteworthy.

Droid 2 includes a RAM of 512MB which is double the memory of its predecessor. The Droid 2 is much faster with increased memory. Both the camera and the screen size still remain the same with 5MP and a 3.7 (480×854) capacitive touch screen.

The external look and design of both the devices remains the same. A much-improved hardware and a revamped keyboard are the deciding factors to be considered for your upgrade to Droid 2.


1. The Keyboard on the Droid 2 is improvised and has raised keys whereas the

keyboard on the Droid 1 had keys on a membrane placed over the switches without

any divisions.

2. The Droid 2 lacks a D-pad which was present in its predecessor.

3. The Droid 2 runs on Android 2.2 whereas Droid runs on Android 2.1

4. The Droid 2 has double the RAM installed on the original Droid.

5. The processor installed in Droid 2 is of 1GHz whereas the original Droid had a

processor of 600MHz.

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