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wynn-resortWynn vs Encore

Wynn, also called Wynn Las Vegas resort, is a resort found in Paradise, Nevada along the Las Vegas strip. The resort, which has a luxurious casino and spans 85 hectares of land is known to be one of the best hotels in the United States and has numerous five star ratings, including the Michelin and Mobil five star ratings. It also features a luxurious car dealership for Ferrari, known as the Penske-Wynn Ferrari-Masserati dealership. Adjacent to it is the Encore Las Vegas, which is also a hotel, casino and luxury resort. Both resorts are owned by the Wynn Resorts Limited which is owned by Steve Wynn. Encore was opened to the public in December 2008, three years after its sister hotel, Wynn had been in operation.

Although both resorts are owned by the same company, Wynn and Encore are technically not the same hotels but it is possible for a guest to have a meal at a Wynn or Encore restaurant and make a charge at their room, irrespective of whether your room is at either hotel. Operationally they are not wholly different hotels but rather separate towers. For guests that would use a little extra space Encore should be the choice given its rooms are slightly more spacious than Wynn’s as the standard rooms at Encore are suites, which is not the case at Wynn resort. The Encore standard rooms have the bed area and living area separated and the TV set swivels so that it can be viewed from either side of the suite. Encore standard rooms will cost you slightly more that the smaller ones at Wynn, although the latter’s have better décor. Encore is located at a longer walking distance from every place on the Las Vegas strip but if that’s not an issue then for almost the same price it should be the first choice.

1. Encore has slightly bigger rooms than Wynn, typically measuring 745 square feet for the smallest while Wynn has 640 square feet rooms for the standard type. However Encore has fewer rooms than Wynn, precisely 2034 compared to Wynn’s 2716 rooms.
2. Wynn operates a car dealership for some luxurious cars notably Ferrari which is not the case with Encore. Wynn is also known for its exquisite décor in the rooms but nevertheless Encore’s more spacious suites are slightly pricier than Wynn’s standard rooms.
3. The two resorts are both regarded as some of the finest hospitality places in the United States, with Wynn earning two five star accolades, having been around a little over two years before Encore was opened.

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