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Difference Between Host and Hostess

The major discussion that has been on the rise is whether the terms host and hostess can be used in place of the other. The fact that the word host has varied applications makes the distinction a bit difficult to draw. However, a deeper look into the different applications may shed light on what each stands for.


Meaning of Host

The term host can take different definitions depending on the application. The different meanings include:

  • An individual who receives guests or entertains them for commercial or official purposes or socially.
  • An individual who facilitates a function or event and provides facilities for the same.
  • A person who engages guests in a TV or radio program.


Meaning of Hostess

The term hostess can also take various definitions depending on the usage including:

  • A woman who is paid to entertain guests or one who does it socially.
  • A female who is in charge of seating diners in a public dining room.
  • A woman employed on a public conveyance, in most cases, a plane and who attends to passengers and oversees the provision of food.


Similarities Between Host and Hostess

In the wake of both genders, male and female, taking jobs that were initially a preserve of the other gender, many roles have had to be shared now. This case applies to hosts and hostesses. As such, everything that a host does a hostess does it too.

Basically, both the host and hostess invite guests, welcome them, often provide food and drinks, and entertain them.


Difference Between Host and Hostess

  1. Gender

This is the major difference between a host and hostess. A host is a male attendant who welcomes, invites, conducts, and entertains guests while a hostess is a female attendant who does the same duties. Usually, the two will also assign tables to guests and waiters, take orders, provide foods and drinks to guests, often.

Host Vs. Hostess: Comparison Table


Summary of Host vs. Hostess

In the wake of both genders taking the equality mantle everywhere, there has been a rise in the sharing of jobs between male and female workers. As such, the role that a host does is no longer reserved for women or hostesses. The female attendants, on the other hand, can as well perform the duties of a host without anyone throwing eyes at them that they are doing what a man should be doing.


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