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Organisms, like plants and animals, are divided according to their genetic traits into male and female. Their sex is determined by the reproductive cells that they produce. The male gametes or reproductive cells are called spermatozoa, and the female gametes are called ova or egg cells.

Males and females also differ in size and appearance which is caused in part by their hormones. While as young children these differences may not be very significant, they become more and more obvious as boys become men and girls become women.

A girl is a female human being and is used to describe a female from childhood up to the time that she becomes an adult. A girl is still dependent on her parents for her basic needs such as food, clothing, education, shelter, and to provide her with guidance in everything that she does.

A girl has a body that is not yet fully developed, and although she may already be in her teens and reaches puberty, she is still called a girl until such time when she is already independent and can handle things by herself, in which case she can already be called a woman.

A woman, on the other hand, is defined as an adult female human being. A girl can be called a woman when she is already able to handle life’s responsibilities towards herself and others. While a girl and a woman are both able to produce offspring, a girl is not yet ready to take on its responsibilities like a woman can.
Girls and women are distinguished by their age as well as their physical, emotional, and psychological maturity. In different parts of the world there are also different ways that one is distinguished from the other.
The word “girl” was used since the 11th century; it comes from the Anglo-Saxon words “gerle” or “gerela” which means “dress.” In the early 1500s, it had been used to refer to any young, unmarried woman and acquired its current meaning starting from the early 1960s.
The word “woman,” on the other hand comes from the Old English word “wifman” which is an alteration of the words “wif” (female, wife) and “man” (human being). It was first used to refer to “wife” but is now used to refer to adult females.

1. A girl is a young female human being while a woman is an adult female human being.
2. A girl has a body that is not yet fully developed while a woman already has a fully developed body.
3. A girl is one who is not yet ready to take on life’s responsibilities on her own while a woman is one who is already mature enough to be able to care for herself.
4. A female human being is called a girl from childhood until she reaches adulthood while she is called a woman when she becomes an adult.
5. The word “girl” comes from the Anglo-Saxon words “gerle” or “gerela” while the word “woman” comes from the Old English word “wifman.”

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  1. If a woman is not ready to take on life responsibilities what do we call her

    • My first thought was well not a woman… But that would not be answering your question.Good question. I’m interested is well ..As a Feel part girl part womanAnd stuck in that I am sadly 47 years old.

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