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Male vs. female cats

Cats are fun pets to have. Every cat has unique characteristics. When it comes to behavior, people believe that cats differ depending on the breed. However, there are many cat owners who claim that gender may also make a difference on the characteristics that cats have.

You either get a female cat or a male cat, and both genders will have advantages and disadvantages. Male cats have a more friendly personality than female cats. The female cats have trust issues. Even though they have ‘nine lives,’ female cats tend to be very cautious. However, one you earn the trust of female cats, then you will get the affection you want from them. It is also very easy to notice that male cats are bigger compared to female cats.

The problem with male cats is that they urinate everywhere. When you see them with their tail pointing up, stiffening as it backs up to the wall, that means it is spraying urine. That urine will be leaving a bad smell. However, if you have trained the cat while it was still young, then it may be disciplined enough not to urinate anywhere. You can also talk to your veterinarian to neuter the cat so that it will not urinate anywhere.

Female cats do not spray too often, but if you do not monitor it properly and do not have it spayed, then it may easily get pregnant. Cats can procreate quickly, and kittens may swarm your house before you know it. This is why getting a female cat spayed is very important. Plus, without spaying, your cat they may create very loud and obnoxious noises when they are in heat.

Female cats are better at hunting mice, while only male cats that are fixed or have a mate are good at hunting. This is because the cat is already focused in looking for food. However, gender is not the only basis which cat is better in hunting, so don’t choose a gender based on hunting alone.

Some say that if you already have a cat in your house, it is best to get the opposite gender, but this is not necessarily true. You can also get a cat of the same gender with what you already have and there won’t be any problems.



Male cats are friendlier than the female cats.

Female cats have trust issues, while males do not.

Male cats spray anywhere unless they need to be neutered, while female cats must be spayed because they create noisy sounds during heat.

Male cats are significantly bigger than the female cats.

Female cats are better mouse hunters than male cats, except for male cats who are already fixed.

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  1. My female cat has no trust issues with anyone, she loves attention from strangers and is nice if you treat her nicely shes awesome 🙂

  2. My male cat tiger is the cutest short haired tabby ever! He does not spray, and he is the most cuddliest kitty I’ve ever had!

  3. my cat Luna has no problem trusting people which I find surprising since I found her when she was four months, she loves people and always wants love and attention. From the moment I brought her into my home, she’s only wanted love and attention or even just to snuggle me while I’m on my computer or playing video games even while I sleep, my other cat Marshal is similar though he doesn’t like other people much, only if you allow him to come to you and all he wants is to lay on my lap or chest when I’m working on something on my computer though when I have company that sit next to me, he is very vocal and will bite me, not sure why that is but other wise both cats are snugly, just one more than the other haha

  4. Have you ever owned cats? You’re clearly generalising here and are completely off the mark.
    My three cats beg to differ.

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