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  1. Andy Droyde
    September 9, 2012

    This article is incorrect.

    Both partnerships and joint ventures can involve a mix of individuals and companies. There is no barrier to a company being a partner in a partnership, and no barrier to an individual engaging in a joint venture with other individuals and or companies.

    The main difference between a partnership and a joint venture is liability. Partners are liable for the business debts of their partners. Joint Venture parties are not responsible for the other party’s business debts.

    Tax is a side issue by comparison. Both Partnerships and Joint Ventures can be of any length. It all depends what is agreed in the Partnership Agreement / the Joint Venture Agreement.

    • vandana
      December 16, 2014

      Thank you. Your answer was more helpful and lucid than the article.

  2. Nikhil sharma
    January 31, 2013

    If a minor wants to join a partnership firm, then it can be possible? Give me your suggestion.

  3. Jesham Mwanza
    March 9, 2015


    I want to get involved in accounting lessons .

    I can be very happy if you can allow me.

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