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Difference Between Human and Synthetic Hair

Human vs Synthetic Hair

The difference between human or synthetic hair is that human hair looks natural and real whereas synthetic hair has an unnatural feel. We can differentiate human and synthetic hair on the basis of some factors such as price, longevity, styling, maintenance and feel.

Human hair piece is expensive as compared to synthetic ones. If we compare them on the basis of longevity than the human hair lasts much longer than the synthetic extensions or wigs. If we compare them on the basis of styling than synthetic hair can not be styled with the help of hot styling tools whereas human hair can be styled with curling irons or rods. Human hair can be blow-dried but with synthetic hair you cannot even think about doing this. Another advantage of human hair is that it resists heat whereas with synthetic hair you ought to remain extra careful near open ovens or fireplaces etc. Synthetic hair can be potentially very dangerous as they have poor resistance to heat.

Maintenance and care of the human hair is much easier than with synthetic hair. It can shampooed, dyed and streaked whereas it may not be that easy with a synthetic hair piece. Over -dyeing can potentially damage the human hair as well. Human hair as compared to synthetic hair can be stylized to look natural. Human hair also feels natural if you run fingers through it as this is one of the advantages of wearing a human hair piece or wig. Synthetic hair cannot breathe therefore the scalp may perspire and itch more than usual. Synthetic hair has one great advantage in that it will always keep its preset style even after being washed.

Human hair feels just like your own hair and lasts approximately for one year whereas synthetic hair may last from one to three months if it is provided with good care.The greatest advantage of human hair is that it is heat and weather resistant but synthetics have the biggest disadvantage of getting melt down near heat sources. Synthetic hair will not go flat or fall in the rain but will keep its preset style whereas human hair may need to be styled again and again.


1. Human hair has a natural feel and styling versatility as compared to synthetic hair that does not change its preset shape.
2. Synthetic hair extensions and pieces cannot be dyed or color treated.
3. Human hair extensions and pieces can be dyed, blow-dried and treated like natural hair.
4. Synthetic hair is poor heat resistant and can melt near heated areas like fireplaces etc.
5. Human hair is expensive and can last around twelve months of time whereas synthetic hair may last around three months or so.

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