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Difference Between Thin Hair and Fine Hair

We often use a variety of terms to describe hair. From long, flat, curly, short, thin, thick, dense and fine, just to name a few. While knowing the difference between these terms is important in knowing how to best take care of our hair, the knowledge also helps in dispelling hair misinformation and myths. Two major categorizations of hair are based on thickness and density. Although these may sound similar and are used interchangeably, they are different. 

What does Thin hair mean?

A person with thin hair has fewer hair follicles packed together. This makes the scalp more visible when styling as opposed to a person with thick hair. Thin hair may be caused by genetics, hair loss or breakage and can be hard to style and manage. Terms such as low density and sparse hair may also be used. 

How about Fine hair?

This refers to the diameter or individual thickness of individual hair strands. Fine hair is thinner than a sewing thread and is hence prone to breakage. This kind of hair may be difficult to style and manage. It is, however, shinier as compared to coarse hair and is easy to heat style. The opposite of fine hair is coarse hair. 

Similarities between Thin hair and Fine hair

  • Both need special care as they are difficult to style and manage

Differences between Thin hair and Fine hair


Thin hair refers to fewer hair follicles packed together. On the other hand, fine hair refers to the diameter or individual thickness of individual hair strands. 


While thin hair may not be shiny, fine hair is shiny. 

Heat styling

While thin hair is difficult to heat style, fine hair is easier to heat style.

Thin Hair vs. Fine hair: Comparison Table

Summary of Thin hair vs. Fine hair

Thin hair refers to fewer hair follicles packed together. On the other hand, fine hair refers to the diameter or individual thickness of individual hair strands. It should be noted that a person can have a combination of thin and fine hair. In this case, regular maintenance is encouraged with gentle styling techniques. 

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