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fdr-obamaFDR vs Obama

Barack Obama and his actions are sometimes compared to those of Franklin Delano Roosevelt (FDR). There exist many similarities and differences in the rules and activities of both the personalities.

FDR was a leader known for his optimism. He is credited for leading the United States bravely through the World War II. The approach of FDR to the economic condition of the United States is known as New Deal. This deal comprised of the legislation and executive orders that was pushed through the Congress. FDR is rated as one of the ever greatest Presidents of the United States.

Obama is the first African President of the United States and the 44th person to hold the office. Before taking up this role, Obama was famous for his noticeable activities. He was awarded the Nobel Peace Price in October 2009 for his contributions to the purpose of solving the nuclear deals and participating in the foreign problems to bring an end to those problems. Obama developed the Stimulus plan which is often compared to the FDR’s New Deal.

Though there are many comparisons, Obama’s Stimulus plan is different from the New Deal of FDR. The Gold standard is the major difference between the two. During the tenure of FDR, the dollar was weighed to a specific gold value. So the New Deal saw the national debt doubling for the funding of government projects. But today, we do not use the Gold standard. So it is a great relief that the situation will not be the same as that during the rule of FDR.

During the pre-inauguration period, Obama delivered some famous Internet video addresses, which are considered similar to the famous fireside chats of FDR. The difference between the two addresses were that if Obama used the leading medium of the Internet, FDR had used the then leading medium, the radio. There were 30 radio speeches in the evenings from the period of 1933 to 1944. It was aimed as explaining the policies and activities of the leader.

When FDR came into power, the economy had around 25% of unemployed people, but when Obama came in, the unemployed percentage was 7.5. Though FDR was not that successful in reducing the number, it didn’t increase either. But the success or performance of Obama in this area is a much watched and observed one.

1.FDR developed the New Deal and Obama put forth the Stimulus plan.
2.The fireside chats of FDR were broadcasted through radio. Obama used the medium of Internet for his famous video addresses.
3.The percentage of unemployment was 25 when FDR came into power, while it was only 7.5 when Obama came into the scene.

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