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  1. Daniel
    October 22, 2012

    The difference is… http://www.romneytaxplan.com/


    • Sergeant Sarcasm
      October 30, 2012

      What a substantive response. And so clever.


      • Lynn Presson
        January 28, 2013

        After reading all this some time ago, I came back to it. I’m so perplexed now, though. After studying the issues a little closer, both of their tax plans stink. And our President’s plan is actually costing me 3% more in 2013. Between the FICA taxes and the new healthcare plan, plus the cost of fuel, electricity, healthcare and food rising, I’m like every other true middle class person in the US. We are all suffering.

        And, now that I’ve read a little deeper, I realize the truly wealthy were barely touched by all of this. All the Wall Streeters, the hedge fund and trust fund folks–all the Warren Buffetts and rich Hollywood crowd have their millions. And as they earn interest income and pay %20 of their income in taxes, the rest of us are slowly losing our income.

        Neither the Democrats or the Republicans did anything to truly tax the REAL rich in this society. The small business owner and entrepreneur all the way down to the truly middle class…we are the ones suffering.

        And now we all realize after we voted for him, Obama’s tax code stinks too. When will our elected officials really stop lining their pockets and do something for us?


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